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(First Time 49—Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Christine


This is a most unusual piece, and it is extremely intense. The characters are painted very precisely with very few words and even though there is no real plot, it is immediately very involving.

The first sentence is: “Jim, what was the longest time you have ever gone without sex, as an adult?” It is McCoy who asks, and a less skilled author perhaps would have had problems turning this into the very revealing and absolutely believable discussion that follows now. The Kirk who answers the question (after some thought) is much darker than we usually see him, but he is also very powerful, and he knows himself much better than most people would like to know themselves.

After the excellently drawn discussion between Kirk and McCoy, McCoy plays matchmaker, and finally our two favorite people get together. Seen it before? Not the way it is done here. The strength of the story lies in the characterisation and the psychology, and there are no long-winded speeches but only very accurate observations.

I’m afraid I’m not doing the story justice as I don’t find the right words, so perhaps you should just o get that zine (or get it out from wherever you have buried it) and (re-)read it. I have done so at least a dozen times, and loved it more each time.

FIELD OF SCREAMS by T. Jonesy and Cordelia Naismith

(First Time 54 (The Contest Zine)—Merry Men Press

Reviewed by Mary S.

New York

In this skillfully written, humorous tale, the officers of the Enterprise are all very much in character, despite the fact that they are in the unusual position (for them) of having to tackle a task for which they have neither the aptitude nor the training. Can they, against all odds, put together a winning baseball team? Or will they disappoint their captain and lose the game–along with an opportunity for that coveted shore leave on Wrigley’s? You’ll have to read the story to find out, but rest assured that you will be entertained, not only by the baseball part of the plot (which does not really require more than a passing familiarity with the game), but also by the K/S. I absolutely loved the moment when Kirk realizes how he feels about Spock. It just works perfectly and feels absolutely right, even though it occurs in an extremely unconventional setting. (Just wanted to also note that I thought the structure of the story worked very well: it’s broken up into short sections with titles such as “The Problem,” “The Locker Room,” and “First Practice.”)


(First Time 55—Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Linda B.


Islaofhope has done an excellent job of weaving an enjoyable K/S story into the episode “Dagger of the Mind”, and using the dialogue and events of that episode in her story. There are lots of little intimate glances and moments between Kirk and Spock in this episode that imply a closeness between them that make it a great choice for a K/S story.

(Warning – many plot details revealed in this LOC!) As the narrative begins, Spock is meeting Kirk at the transporter room, and notices Kirk is a little drunk after having a few drinks with an old friend (Commodore Decker, actually). I liked this beginning section, in which Kirk and Spock walk to Kirk’s quarters and converse as Kirk showers and changes in preparation for the science section Christmas party. (Yes, that Christmas party that is referred to in the episode!) The story is told from Spock’s POV and we soon realize that Spock is in love with Kirk. (I liked the part where as Kirk finishes dressing, “Spock silently bid farewell to Jim’s nude body.”) This beginning part also establishes the deep friendship between Kirk and Spock. Kirk mentions that Decker told him Spock was offered command of a ship and turned it down, and Spock says one reason he refused was because he wanted to serve with Kirk. Kirk tells Spock he’s relieved because he won’t be losing his best friend, and Spock responds by telling Kirk that even if they are separated, they will always be friends. This was nice – I love declarations of undying friendship and loyalty between the guys!

Dr. Helen Noel is introduced in the Christmas party scene, and is immediately attracted to Kirk, and makes a play for him. (As a confirmed Kirk fan, I couldn’t help but agree with Dr. Noel as she described Kirk as “absolutely stunning”, “scrumptious” and “The one who looks like he’s carved out of marble and dusted with gold”. Great description!) I also liked this whole section – the interaction between Uhura and Chapel as they discuss Helen Noel and Kirk, Spock’s watchful attention over Kirk, and Spock noticing Kirk has drunk even more, and is getting too friendly with Dr. Noel.

Spock takes Kirk back to his quarters and a discussion of how Kirk has been acting with Dr. Noel leads to Spock seducing his captain! This was nicely done, I thought. Earlier in the story Spock had several drinks at the party (three of Dr. McCoy’s mint juleps), and we know Spock isn’t used to drinking, so that helped explain Spock’s somewhat uncharacteristic behavior. Also, the story had been exploring the feelings between Kirk and Spock, and that Kirk feels equally drawn to Spock. Kirk freely touches Spock, at one point almost caressing his face and ruffling his bangs, which leads directly into Spock offering him the “comfort of a friend” to relieve his sexual arousal. The sex in this story is really, really hot, but tender and caring, too, as Kirk and Spock declare their love for each other. I loved the whole business with Kirk calling Spock “sweetheart”, and Spock not liking it because he’s afraid Kirk is drunk and not aware of who he’s making love with. And there’s some nice touches of humor to end this part of the story. As Spock holds Kirk and is drifting off to sleep, he is thinking about the cost of the party (organized by Lt. Palmer in this story). First Spock decides that he will make up the costs out of his own funds, if necessary. Then as he kisses Kirk one last time before sleeping, he has some more thoughts about the party: “Lieutenant Palmer, Spock further decided, was most deserving of a commendation for her stellar efforts on behalf of the science department”. Very cute!

Skip forward 6 months to Tantalus, and Kirk and Spock on their way to the transporter scene with Dr. Noel. But first we have a very nice part in the turbolift, in which Spock is trying to hide his concern over Kirk beaming down without him. Without giving us any more details of their relationship since the night they first made love, this little scene lets us know they are still happily together. And I loved the part where Kirk called Spock “sweetheart” again, and Spock says “And cease calling me such ridiculous terms. My name is Spock,” he added, gently chiding Kirk for the use of the endearment, which his beloved continued to use on occasion despite Spock’s exasperation – or perhaps because of that exasperation.” My K/S friends and I have had some friendly debates on how many, or few, endearments we want Kirk and Spock to use with each other. My opinion is that they should be used sparingly, and I don’t see Kirk saying anything more than “love”, and Spock saying “t’hy’la”, so this whole part just appealed to me.

The rest of the story continues like this, with scenes from the episode alternating with what our lovers are doing and saying behind the scenes. After the bridge scene that ends the episode, Kirk and Spock finally reunite in private for the first time since the events on the planet. Obviously, since Spock came to rescue Kirk and found him kissing Dr. Noel, some things will need to be explained and resolved, and this is done quite satisfactorily. Kirk is obviously still distressed and disturbed by what happened, as the aborted love scene makes clear. Afterwards, Kirk asks that Spock meld with him, and the first mind meld between Kirk and Spock ends this story. I remember that when Spock melds with Van Gelder, Spock says he has never melded with a human before. If Spock and Kirk are lovers, how is this possible? Isla explains this by mentioning how Spock is violating Vulcan customs by involving himself with Kirk despite his bond with T’Pring. Spock thinks about this several times in this story, and I liked that. Sometimes stories that have Kirk and Spock becoming lovers before the events in Amok Time either ignore Spock being bonded, or too quickly and easily dismiss it. Here, Spock thinks of his betrothal to T’Pring before he and Kirk first make love, and doesn’t meld with Kirk despite wanting to do so very much. He only does so at the end because Kirk needs “the comfort of a friend”; the healing love of Spock’s mind. I thought this was a nicely written, interesting, and well thought out story with some great love scenes, and I enjoyed it very much.

A MEAL TO REMEMBER by kira-nerys

(Beyond Dreams 2—Beyond Dreams Press)

Reviewed by Sara M.

At first, this story seems like it’s going to be a somewhat gimmicky first time story. Kirk and Spock are sharing a meal of a Vulcan delicacy, a cucumber shaped vegetable. The proper way to eat this vegetable is to eat them whole; watching Spock do this gets Kirk very aroused. I expected this beginning to lead to a hot sex scene and very little else.

However, I should have had more faith in kira-nerys. I have never read a story by her (or recommended by her) that I haven’t liked. She goes from the expected extremely hot sex scene to Spock’s reaction to the flood of emotions and his loss of control. Spock’s reaction of fear and shame, and total retreat, is very sensitively handled, as are Kirk’s efforts to show Spock that loss of control in sex is a good thing.

There are many different ways to characterize Kirk and Spock and to envision their relationship, as can be seen from the huge variety of K/S stories. I really liked kira’s vision of Kirk and Spock in this story. Kirk is sensitive, persuasive, and passionate. This Spock is a particularly brilliant creation. He wants Kirk, wants to love and make love. However, he is too well trained as a Vulcan to do anything. And his humiliation at the experience he shares with Kirk leads him to retreat in shame and confusion. He gives the impression for a bit that he’s ashamed of his sexual inexperience, but it becomes clear that he’s talking about emotional inexperience.

This story wound out being much more emotionally involving and substantive than it appeared it was going to be from the first two pages and wound out being a very beautiful exploration of how Kirk shows Spock that sex and love are beautiful and good.


(Legends 2—Mkashef Enterprises)

Reviewed by Linda B.

Islahope’s No More Trouble in My Body or Mind is set during Way to Eden. Normally a K/S story set within the context of one of the episodes is a favorite format of mine (I really enjoyed Isla’s story in First Time 55 that followed this format.) However, I hate, loathe and despise Way to Eden and think the whole episode is ludicrous, so I was probably prejudiced against the story as soon as I realized the setting. Then, I usually don’t like stories in which either Kirk or Spock is involved with someone else. In a K/S story, I want the main interaction to be between Kirk and Spock, not between Kirk and someone else, or Spock and someone else. And for that someone else to be Adam, whom I find repulsive, was another strike against this story. (I was really quite mystified by this pairing of Spock with Adam. I’ve been a Star Trek fan for 35 years, and haven’t met anyone who liked the character at all, so it seemed odd for the author to pair Spock with him.) Finally, I simply found the basic premise driving the plot to be too unbelievable. In this story, Spock is immediately attracted to Adam, has sex with him, (twice, no less) and even plans to leave the Enterprise and settle on Eden with Adam!

Now, the author does try to provide some reasons for Spock’s behavior, the main one being he is discontented and lonely on the Enterprise because he feels he has become estranged from Kirk. In the story this estrangement starts with an incident after Plato’s Stepchildren, in which Spock thinks he’s somehow revealed to Kirk how he really feels about him. I thought this part was quite clever, actually. The comment made by Kirk that panics Spock can also be interpreted as Kirk admitting he’s attracted to Spock. However, Spock with his deeply hidden desire for Kirk (or what he thought was his deeply hidden desire) believes Kirk has figured out how he really feels, and is determined to prove to Kirk that he has nothing to fear. So then we come to the next part of the story, which is neat in one way, because it answers a question that has puzzled Star Trek fans for years – why was Spock flirting with Droxine in The Cloud Minders? In Isla’s story, Spock flirts with Droxine (and even goes to bed with her) as a red herring to distract Kirk from how Spock feels about him. (However, another problem for me was Spock’s sexual promiscuity in the story. In order for me to accept Spock so casually having sex with almost complete strangers, I need the author to establish much better why Spock would behave in this manner, since I don’t feel the ST episodes support this interpretation of his character.)

Spock feels that Kirk becomes increasingly distant after The Cloud Minders, and Spock misses the closeness they once shared. The author adds to this Spock feeling discontented with serving with a human crew without Kirk’s close friendship as a buffer and a refuge, and his sympathy with the feelings of alienation of Dr. Sevrin and his followers as additional explanation of his behavior.

So while the author does provide some reasons for Spock’s actions, I did not think they were sufficiently compelling to explain such wildly out of character behavior. I mean, here Spock is suddenly hopping into bed with someone he doesn’t know very well, deciding to throw away his career, and basically abandon his life long adherence to the principles of Vulcan (I’m quite sure Surak would not have approved of his plans!) to go off with someone he has known for only a day or two. There was little attempt in the story to give Adam’s character some depth and substance to explain why Spock would be willing to sacrifice everything for him. Such extreme behavior resulting in such drastic changes in Spock’s life would have to be a lot more convincingly explained and developed than it was in this story for me to even begin to accept it. So for several reasons this story didn’t work for me.

ONCE AND AGAIN by Deanna Gray

(Within the Mirror 14—Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Karen P.

I have to say, I am definitely not a “Mirror” universe fan in any way. I really do not like the TOS episode very much and there have been very, very few “Mirror” K/S stories I have read over the years that I would bother to do so a second time. But as is often said, there are exceptions to every rule and for me, that certainly applies in this case. While this story is filled with a great deal of violent content, it is a necessary element in that it reflects the brutality of that alternate universe. As the author once said to me, there is no way she could have written this story to fit in the TOS universe and I certainly cannot argue that point.

Basically, this story is the “Mirror” universe version of ST:TMP, with some very notable differences. First, whereas it is generally accepted that the reason our Spock fled to Gol was to try to regain his “Vulcanness”, here the “Mirror” Spock finds himself imprisoned there after having been tried and found guilty on Vulcan for the heinous crime of violating his captain’s mind. Unbeknownst to Kirk, Spock is systematically tortured and abused by his captors until at Kirk’s insistence, he is reinstated to his former position on the Enterprise. But even that is not quite the same, since Spock returns not as a free man, but to all intents and purposes as Kirk’s slave, although the captain refuses to look at it at that way. It is only after Spock arrives on board that Kirk becomes aware of the brutal treatment the Vulcan has undergone by the masters at Gol. To add to Kirk’s horror, he soon discovers that the most violent act perpetuated upon his first officer came from the one person Kirk thought would protect Spock, that being his father Sarek. What follows is a well-written sequence of events where Kirk and Spock try to rebuild their relationship, both professional and personal, and struggle to find the means to reestablish the love and trust they once held for each other.

I know that for a lot of K/Srs, they would find this story quite upsetting because of the blatantly savage acts perpetuated upon Spock, but for me, it was not really a problem. Violence in K/S stories has never bothered me as long as it is not there just for shock effect, but is part of the overall picture. There are very few K/S authors who have not at one time or another written a story where violence played a part and here it is a necessary element, since in the “Mirror” universe, brutality is the way of survival for everyone, including Spock. Although what happens to Spock in this tale is shocking, based on what we saw in the TOS episode, it could not be called unexpected by any means. The only thing I don’t like about “Once and Again” (and this is the main reason I don’t like Mirror stories as a whole) is that if you are going to remain true to the characters in that universe (as this author does), then Kirk by necessity must be portrayed as a coldhearted bastard. That goes for this story, as well. There is a point in “Once and Again” where Spock is hurting and Kirk can’t give him the comfort he needs, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he just doesn’t know how to, as it is not a part of his nature. It is only after the truth is revealed that Spock allowed everything to happen to him because he felt he deserved it, that Kirk was able to find in himself the compassion and love that Spock needs in order to heal.

There is also a very important point that the author was trying to make when she wrote this story and it has to do with how we deal with changes, good or bad, in our lives. In “Once and Again”, Spock has lost a vital part of himself. He is forever changed by what has happened to him. As a result, he and Kirk will never be able to share the same type of physical relationship they had in the past and there is nothing that either of them can do to change that. So they do what we all must do when faced with tragic events in our lives, they accept what has happened and try to go on living as best they can. For me, this is the most telling part of this story, that life is not always pleasant and there are times when no matter how strongly we wish to do so, sometimes we just can’t prevent the ones we love from coming to harm. But like many of us, when faced with the harsh realities of life, this Kirk and Spock somehow, someway, find the strength to go on. And it is this lesson, so well-portrayed in this work, that really sells this story for me.

SHADOW TOUCH by Deanna Gray

(Beyond Dreams 4—Beyond Dreams Press)

Reviewed by Joyce B.

“Shadow Touch” is nine pages long. It is the second story in this zine. This is just after the Triskelion episode. This is a distinctly K/S story with a lot of touches that make this story very specific to Spock and Kirk. In other words, you can’t take this story and insert some other slash couple’s names in another fandom and have it work.

However, I do have a problem with this story and it is something that is rather common in K/S. And that is the concept that both men are really heterosexual, but because of their love for each other that they as grown experienced adults accept a homosexual relationship. That is just something I don’t see. But aside from that quibble which is not limited to this story alone by any means, I think the story is nice. While I don’t really believe that a true blue het Kirk is suddenly going to go homo over Spock, it could happen. I would have preferred Kirk to have had more doubts or problems with coming to his decision and carrying it out. Everything just happened very quickly and also fairly smoothly. I don’t think real life really works that way.

The idea of the shadow touch is really a believable touch. Deanna Gray is a good writer, and if my memory serves right, I in general do like her writing story after story.

THE SPELL by Cervelle Morais

(First Time 55—Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Joyce B.

This is about 11 pages. Kirk is 38 so this is set near the middle of the five year duty we see in the original series. This is a good PWP that I don’t believe for one minute. A cliché “ice breaking” incident is used, but that’s not necessarily a criticism because I have used this in one of my stories in another fandom. Kirk and Spock are not very “realistic” in this, in my opinion, but realism and staying true to characterization are not high priorities in a PWP. For a PWP, this certainly is entertaining.

TREASURE TROVE by Rosemary Heaton

(Beyond Dreams 4—Beyond Dreams Press)

Reviewed by Joyce B.

“Treasure Trove” is 14 pages and leads the rest of the stories in this zine. Frankly, I wondered why this story had the honor. I would have reversed the order of the first two stories and put “Shadow Touch” first because to me that story is more of a distinct K/S story. And that brings me to my only criticism of the story: that this is a generic story which is about two men who are trapped in a shelter during bad weather. This story could with just a few changes even be made into a common 21st century story that could happen today. (And I STILL have not gotten used to this being the 21st century. That shows you how old and very 20th century I am.) I could take the story and with a few changes make it into a Blake/Avon from Blake’s 7 story, if I wanted to plagiarize it. (And, no, I promise you—I will not do that and have never done that.)

However, there is definitely a correlation between Blake & Avon and Kirk & Spock.
Getting past that problem, this is a nice exciting story. And I can relate to problems of flooding and heavy storms because here in Laguna Beach houses have fallen down hills and people have been killed by mudslides during storms. This May 2002 the midwest had severe flooding problems, and some people were killed. I think everyone can relate to this danger–unlike perhaps the danger that a horta or a salt monster might cause. So what is a problem in this story for me also makes it more relevant or easy to relate to.

This is well written and very exciting. And there are some places of very nice dialogue between Spock and Kirk. There are definitely K/S touches. It’s just that overall that there aren’t enough things about this story that make it K/S or set in the Star Trek universe that we all have come to love–both in the stories as created by professionals for money and the a/u sexy slash stories created by amateurs just for the sheer love of our two favorite men: Kirk and Spock.

I am just assuming that Jenna and Dusky choose this story to lead off because it wasn’t too long or short, it was filled with lots of action, it concerned a danger that we all could relate to, and that it was well written.

(First Time 55 – Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Cathy

A perfect title for this short story in First Time 55, as it spans the 24 hours immediately following the resolution of the V’ger crisis. At last Kirk and Spock reveal their feelings for each other and they make love. A simple plot, but so nicely done in this author’s talented hands. There is so much feeling in this short work, and the sex is loving and erotic. A definite must-read.



2003 K/S CALENDAR by Liz

Reviewed by Ivy Hill

How many times have you wished for a nice Kirk and Spock picture to flip over (as in turning the page) or flip over (as in dancing with glee) the first day of every month? Haven’t you bought those commercial calendars just living for the one month of the year that Kirk and Spock appear together? Well, wish no more. Liz has come to our rescue with her 2003 K/S Calendar. This is very nicely done on card stock paper, comb bound. Oh, to heck with the kind of paper…let me tell you about the drawings!

Each month features an original drawing or painting by Liz. There are several fairly benign ones, and some that fairly steam! In January Spock looks over Kirk’s shoulder as both stare into the distance, looks of concern plain on both faces, looking into the unknown future of the New Year. A starry background makes this an impressive piece. February is a very nice black and white rendering of Kirk resting his head on Spock’s shoulder. Both men’s eyes are closed and we can only imagine why they seem so relaxed. Liz has done a beautiful job here with the faces and the musculature. February is definitely warmer than usual!

Ah, March. An older couple…very nicely drawn. Kirk’s face is exceptionally well done, it is unmistakably a more mature Kirk, but that rare beauty of his youth is still there…this truly looks more like Kirk than some of his photos. Is that possible? Spock is, I believe, bestowing a light kiss upon his rounded human brow.

April is rather spectacular! A vividly colored painting depicting Kirk and Spock in elaborate Vulcan robes standing at the place of Koon Ut Kalifee, I believe. Reddish alien landscape, obviously a ritual is about to take place. Spock is regal in dark, rich colors and Kirk resplendent in flowing gold. Dual portraits brighten up May. Both men are sporting very similar smiles. Kirk is just a bit mischievous looking and Spock is displaying his “For Kirk Only” smile…it even lights his eyes. What’s really neat about this and took a minute for me to catch is that Spock is in the upper left corner of the frame, Kirk in the lower right, with a slash mark separating them. Slash!

A scene from Return of the Archons is next, with concern evident in both their features. Again, a superb portrait of both Spock and Kirk. This lady knows her faces! Kirk has that little vertical line between his eyes and a lock of hair flopping down. If you could hang the former in a public place, better take it down before July arrives, because it is lusty lovemaking at its best. The body language is unmistakable, the facial expressions unforgettable. Liz has done an amazing job of capturing their ecstasy just as they take that final plunge. This is one of the best explicit pictures I’ve seen, it is so very alive — you can feel the sexual tension. There is a reason the background on this page is sizzling red! This one alone is worth the price of the calendar.

But we aren’t finished. There remains the amazingly realistic black & white drawing of the scene from Galileo 7 where Kirk entices Spock to tell him the reasons for his illogical behavior, an intriguing image of the two men, bare-chested, facing each other. They look youthful here, perhaps a first time encounter? Then there is a very creative montage showing one view of Spock at his station with Kirk standing beside him, arm outstretched to touch Spock on the shoulder. The facing view has the same gesture, the same body language, the same loving expression on Kirk’s face. But in this one Spock is laying face down his bare back and arms exposed. Kirk standing alongside, with his bare arm outstretched to touch his lover on the shoulder. This is an amazing and clever image, to see the two in such different circumstances, yet showing just how intimate the touch that occurred on the bridge really was.

There are two more drawings, a color one of Kirk just as he realizes the love of his life has returned from Gol, and his surprise, awe and love for Spock are all there in his eyes. Finally, an ambitious multi-image montage brings us to the close of the year. The main focus is on both their profiles as Spock initiates a mind meld. Visions of their life together form the remainder of the drawing: side by side facing danger, side by side sharing an intimate moment on the bridge, together in Errand of Mercy. Also shown is a tempting almost-kiss and a very exciting image of lovemaking at its best.

Liz has also produced a generic calendar which has near-K/S moments from the series. In it she has captured some memorable moments of togetherness straight from the broadcast episodes. These are the scenes from which K/S was born. Moments of concern and tenderness, of meeting adversaries head-on, of walking through life side by side. Both are gorgeous not to be missed collections! I know for certain there won’t be a single month this year that will bring me anything less than a K/S thrill!




(First Time 55 – Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Cathy

This is a lovely piece, done by an artist new to K/S, I think (sorry if I’m wrong about that). It’s a stipple of Kirk and Spock’s faces, and it’s incredible to me how dots can be made into such a wonderful picture. A really nice piece. I hope to see more of her work.

COVER ART-Loving To Touch by Marianne Mueller

(Beyond Dreams 5 – Beyond Dreams Press)

Reviewed by Cathy

This is another lovely piece by Marianne. The title is just perfect, because this picture shows the love between Kirk and Spock so clearly. Two strong men tenderly holding each other and touching one another. It’s a peek at a beautiful, quiet moment between them.

INTERIOR ART by Marianne Mueller

(First Time 55 – Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Cathy

I don’t know if it’s proper etiquette to review a piece of art that appears in my own story, but I have to say I love this picture. It’s hot, erotic, passionate, hot, fantastic and oh, yes, hot! I look at this and I swear I think I can see them moving. It’s that good. I think it’s one of Marianne’s best, one of my favorites certainly. A big thank you to both Marianne and Robin for the privilege of having it in my story.

LOST IN THOUGHT by Shelley Butler

(Legends 2—Mkashef Enterprises)

Reviewed by Helen

This is one Shelley’s best Kirk faces! He has a brooding, pouty look that is very sexy! And of course Spock is perfect, as always, as the object of Kirk’s thoughts. Actually it looks as though both men are each thinking of the other. Simply gorgeous. Shelley’s trademark flowers add the finishing touch of course. Never stop drawing Shelley!


BURNING DESIRE by Starr Copeland

(Legends 2 – Mkashef Enterprises.)

Reviewed by Helen

I have to say I enjoyed all the poetry in this zine. This poem is especially good! We see Spock through Kirk’s eyes and feel the angst and love arching between them. It’s very passionate. The last stanza is wonderful:

You stand,

a shocking silhouette,

a statue afraid to live,

a Vulcan who burns…

a man who loves

and is loved in return.

KIRK’S LOSS by Khylara

(Legends 2—Mkashef Enterprises)

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful poem about the heartbreaking scene in the reactor room in ST II. It describes, very poignantly, Kirk’s love for Spock, his pain, and his loss. I was very moved by it. I also enjoyed Khylara’s other poetry offerings in Legends 2.

NO DEEPER MOMENT by S. R. Benjamin

(First Time 55 – Merry Men Press)

Reviewed by Mary S.

I’m a big fan of most of S. R. Benjamin’s poetry, but this particular piece does not quite work for me, and it’s too bad, because there are parts of it that are just wonderful:

“It is us, again, surviving

While about us others die

I will have you planet nightfall

Luminous against this sky.”

That “planet nightfall” line is just perfect, and I loved the fact that it is “Luminous against this sky,” rather than “Luminous against the sky.” The more specific “this” makes it seem like this coupling is something that is really going to happen, in a definite setting, and soon!

But the problem is that this poem is signed “Spock,” and, while most of the poem definitely sounds like Spock, there are places here and there where the words just did not sound like him. Nor, for that matter, did they sound like the Mirror Spock, whose voice I also tried to fit to this poem. Take, for example, the line “Now the moon is hiding shyly.” I tried to imagine that line spoken in Spock’s voice and I just couldn’t do it. The problem, I think, is that the “hiding shyly” phrase sounds more like something from a child’s poem than an erotic love poem–it just does not fit into the spiritual, almost mystical atmosphere created by this poem’s best stanzas. Because of this problem and a few other smaller ones, for me, “No Deeper Moment” will have to remain one of those poems that almost works.


(Beyond Dreams 5 – Beyond Dreams Press)

Reviewed by Mary S.

These two poems–one signed “J.T. Kirk” and the other “Spock”–are set just after Spock’s departure for Gol.

In “Leavetaking” we learn that Kirk has always wanted Spock, but felt that Spock was always “far too cold” for their relationship to evolve into an intimate one. “I was lost upon your leaving,” Kirk says, “But the fact is finally clear:/ You are no more distant having left/ Than ever were you here.”

In “Rationale,” Spock says of his efforts to connect with Kirk: “I tried to blame my heritage,/ My upbringing, my pain,/ Until the day I realized/ You were not mine to gain.” I especially liked the final stanza of “Rationale”: “They say the desert’s dry expanse/ Is greatest on Gol’s plain./ I say with grieving freedom/ It is here I’ll find the rain.” I just loved the “grieving freedom” phrase–it seems a perfect description of what Spock is experiencing.

Dark, sad, yet beautifully so, these poems are moving and true to the characters of both men at this difficult period in their lives.


Leonard And His Book Shekhina


Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy has been dropped from a Jewish fundraising event —after the actor used religious symbols in a photography book featuring nude women. The original Mr. Spock was due to speak at the October 23 bash for The Jewish Federation Of Greater Seattle—a community group that raises around $10 million a year for charities. But Federation director Barry Goren withdrew the invitation this week after it was discovered the actor—who was born into an orthodox Jewish family—had used ritual objects in Shekhina, a recently published book of his nude photography. The cover for Shekhina shows a woman with her left arm wrapped in phylacteries, a prayer accessory men traditionally wear, and her right breast visible through a translucent garment. Goren to Associated Press, “I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you were running a charity fund-raising dinner and there were going to be images of naked women or naked women with Jewish ritual objects draped on them, that might be offensive to some folks.” But 71-year-old Nimoy—who played the pointy-eared Vulcan in Star Trek TV shows and movies for over 25 years—was stunned to be ousted by Goren. Insisting the federation knew about the photographs when he was invited to the event in July, Nimoy says, “It may be an anomaly. I hope it is. We have not had this kind of reaction anyplace else. It’s a photographic essay on the subject of the Shekhina, which is the feminine presence of God, the feminine aspect of divinity. This is not some figure that is a foggy mist in a cloud somewhere. I have depicted her as being a flesh and-blood woman.”



(Note: See news report directly above for background information.)

Leonard Nimoy came November 5th to the Jewish Community Center in Rockville, MD to speak about his new photography book, Shekhina. He was one of several famous Jewish authors scheduled to speak at the center’s annual book sale.

As soon as I heard he was coming to my neighborhood, I ordered tickets for myself and my
daughter. It was a very rainy and cold night, but a near capacity audience braved the elements and scarce parking spaces. (The center was also being used as a polling place that night.) I spotted one guy in a blue Starfleet uniform, but he was a minority of one.

Leonard first thanked us for not un-inviting him, referring to his experience in Seattle, where some synagogue officials there decided that his book was
too controversial for members of their congregation because it contained photos of semi-nude females with traditionally male worship objects.

He gave a very interesting talk, touching on incidents in his career. One that he mentioned was being cast as Golda Meir’s husband in the movie,
“Golda.” At first he was going to turn it down until he heard that Golda was being played by Ingrid Bergman. That got a knowing chuckle. During the filming, his
director was not very nice to him and when Leonard asked for advice about how to play a particular scene, the director said, “What does it matter? You’re all wrong for the part. I wanted a Jewish actor.” Leonard said, “I guess he thought Ingrid Bergman was Jewish.” That got a good laugh.

Leonard explained to us that he’d only recently learned the true meaning of the split fingered Jewish blessing from which he derived the Vulcan salute. According to his Rabbi, the blessing was intended to call forth the “Shekhina,” the feminine presence of God. The congregation was instructed to cover their eyes because it was said that the light emanating from her was too bright for mortals to bear. The Shekhina came to be understood as a crucial element of both divine and human spirit, symbolizing the creativity and wisdom without which no human being is complete.

There was a large screen on stage where photos from the book were shown. They were all in black and white. Light was the most important element in them because Leonard wanted to express the presence of the Shekhina in human form. Leonard’s explanation of how he came to do the book and about the meanings of the photographs made it clear that his intention was to express the spirituality of the subject, not sensationalize it.

He looked very good; trim and full of vitality in a black turtleneck and tan slacks. His hair was short and spiky, slightly graying at the temples. After
the talk, I got his autograph on my copy of Shekhina while my daughter took our picture! It all went very quickly to keep the long autograph line moving, but he looked me directly in the eye at one point, which was thrilling.



Johnston, Rhode Island

Gaila(zero five five zero)

Jenna and Shelley, Thank you for sending me the November issue of The K/S Press via email! I’m really enjoying this issue. And how wonderful to see that you have a Beyond Dreams web site and Robin Hood has The Merry Men Press site. So cool to see the covers of the First Time’s and Beyond Dreams artwork/issues I don’t have yet. Perhaps Santa will leave me a few K/S fanzines if I ask him! —smile.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the 1970’s when K/S was just beginning. I remember being over at a friends house after school and she had the television on in the kitchen and there was this incredibly handsome man in uniform kissing a woman character! I immediately became alive and asked my girlfriend which show was on. She said “Oh, that’s just Star Trek.” To tell you I was hooked would be an understatement. I instantly fell in love with Captain James T. Kirk. Then I remembered my parents never allowing me to watch this science fiction show as a child because they had ‘monsters’ and they were afraid I would have nightmares. Overprotective parents.

The next thing I did was to go to a local bookstore to find anything on my new obsession “Star Trek.” The first book I found was “Star Trek: The New Voyages.” I eagerly read all the stories in this book and at the end was a poem that just shook me to the core. It was from Spock’s point of view. It went something like this: “What will they find when I am ripped apart? “I love you Captain written on my heart.” My first introduction to slash and I didn’t even know it at the time. I remember reciting this poem to my girlfriend back then and I recall her giving me a really weird look. My first introduction to homophobia and I was too naive to notice. All I wanted was MORE! This is when I became a Spock fan!

Then in one of the books about Star Trek there was an address for an organization called “The Star Trek Welcommittee,” I received their newsletter and found out about all the wonderful Star Trek Conventions in New York City. Through the Welcommittee I was able to find some wonderful friends who were also Star Trek fans — but GEN fans only. Then on the very first New York Con I ever went to I wandered on over to the ST Welcommittee’s table where they had loads of wonderful fanzines. The first one that jumped off the table at me was Gayle Feyrer’s “THRUST.” I remember squealing as I grabbed the zine up in my hot little hands. The cover was so incredible I’d never seen anything like it: Kirk and Spock making love. When I went to check out to pay for my fanzines the woman behind the table gave me a very nasty stare. Again I didn’t recognize it as being homophobia. What can I say? I’m a little slow on the uptake.

At this time I was also in Dark Shadows fandom and Kathleen Resch was the publisher of a DS fanzine that I subscribed to. In one of our correspondences with one another, we discovered both of us loved slash Kirk/Spock. She then told me she wanted to publish a slash fanzine for K/S and I was so happy I even helped type up one story for her first fanzine. I wasn’t a good typist and this was way before computers. As everyone knows by now, her fanzine is called T’hy’la. And she has kept the dream alive all these years by keeping her fanzines in print for the newest generation of K/S fans. (Hi Kathy!)

Then back in 1980 I met my boyfriend Bill whom I lived with for nearly ten years. He always found my K/S fanzines amusing and had no trouble with the slash aspect for Kirk and Spock. I even had him pick up some K/S fanzines at a convention he was going to and I was unable to go. I always feel badly when I hear that a K/S fan has to hide her hobby from friends and relatives. My Mom knows about the same-sex stories I read and is curious as to why I would want to read about two men. I think I’ve enlightened her, however, as she no longer talks about it in a negative way.

And in 1988 I had a Spiritual Experience that pointed me in the direction I would take. For years I had been reading everything I could get my hands on, from Tarot Cards, The I-Ching, Reincarnation etc. searching for the Truth. It was then I found my Spiritual Teacher whose name is Swami Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and is from India. She is the first woman Swami in this centuries old lineage. The first thing I did was sell my K/S collection. I can hear you all gasping! And as time went on, I became more and more depressed and couldn’t understand why. Then my friend Terri, who was also on her own Spiritual Journey, asked me if my Teacher told me to give up fandom and K/S. I said “no” and the whole world opened up for me again. This Path teaches reincarnation and I have always felt that Kirk and Spock have been soulmates for all time. Siddha Yoga teaches all the religions, that’s why I love it so much. We celebrate every holiday from Jewish, Christian, Buddhism, Sufi etc. This path is perfect for me. And the fanzine “Scattered Stars” is AU and so much fun to read. Am behind in my zine buying–she’s up to issue #13!

Right now I am in the process of recollecting K/S fanzines for my collection. I ordered over fifty zines in used zine sales this year alone. I have ‘Thrust’ out on loan from the K/S Library. How wonderful it was to see all that K/S Gayle Feyrer artwork again! So many warm memories.

I’m also into other slash/gen fandoms. You can call me a “slash bunny.” I love The Wild Wild West (James West/Artemus Gordon), Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Obi Wan/Qui Gon), Due South (The Real Ray V/Fraser), The Addams Family, F-Troop, Here Come The Brides, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I guess I’m still in my childhood and wish there were more television series like they had back in the 60’s. Kirk/Spock will always be my first love! Would love to hear from other fans of the above shows!

Before closing, I’d like to personally thank Liz Woledge for posting me the two K/S calendars she has for the year 2003. They are so beautiful! I can highly recommend her service as she does not ask for the money first. Money on the way, Liz!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Love to you all,





I’m sure all the folks out there will be sorry to hear that Eileen Mitchell passed away October 9th this year. She was sixty-five and had been ill for a very long time. I knew here for many years, becoming good friends in more recent years. She enjoyed Star Trek in all its many forms and attended several conventions until she became too ill to do so. Under the name Erato she wrote many stories and poetry. And as is know was the other half of Soulmates.

I have lost a dear and valued friend and K/S has lost a good storyteller.

Take care. Live long and prosper.

Peace in our universe.



I am not very good about doing Roundtables or even responding to comments directed to me or joining in discussion topics. I don’t know why that is, but it is. But if you have ever directed comments to me in the past and I haven’t responded, it’s just because of a glitch in my nature. In fact, I don’t even have any clue why today I am actually motivated to do a roundtable. Maybe it’s because traditionally I think December and January are very lean months for KSP because everyone is involved in holiday activities.

And speaking of holidays, let me wish you all a Merry K/Smas and a Happy New Year. It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2003.

To Kira-nerys: No need to thank me for comments. In fact, sometimes I feel a little bad about doing LOCs if I make any negative comments. Part of me says that since everything that I read is much better than what I could write, I shouldn’t make any negative comments. And another part of me says that if all I do is gush about a story that I do the writer no service. I really don’t care to do LOCs, believe it or not. But I consider it important to keep a dialogue of some sort going in KSP. Anyway, I do try to participate and just wish more readers of K/S did the same. And for some reason, I feel doing LOCs is easier than doing a roundtable. And I can hardly urge others to participate if I don’t do it myself.

I have never left K/S myself BUT I have replaced it with Blake’s 7 as my number one fandom. K/S is now number two. And, by the way, there is no number three. I absolutely refuse to get suckered into another fandom fan fiction. I am just too damn compulsive. I had to get rid of 90% of my Star Trek–K/S collection for the Blake’s 7 and I just refuse to go through that agony again. I have liked Kirk and Spock since 1966 or 67, whenever it first aired. I have been in love with Kirk and Spock since 1982 when Wrath of Khan made me a Kirk/Shatner fanatic. And I have been into K/S since 1989 and I read my first slash zines, a Nome and a First Time. And even today, I have both Kirk and Spock looking down on my bed from the Saderup print up on the wall. I have a pewter Enterprise gracing the bedroom bookshelves and an original oil Enterprise on another wall which alternates with a Shelley Butler original “Kirk” currently in the closet. He’s so gorgeous that my husband declares he looks nothing like Shatner, but truth to be told, he really does. My husband needs new glasses.

As for K/S waning…. Blake’s 7 is in more of a decline than K/S is. There are only about 100-120 members in the one B7 slash list I belong to. I think people consider it great if they can actually sell over 60 copies of a slash B7 zine. I think K/S stays healthy because you have publishers such as Robin Hood, Kathy Resch and other publishers who keep on publishing K/S zines year after year after year. And you have a monthly K/S newsletter which has been running for over a decade under different names which I think has only missed one issue in its entire span. Blake’s 7 doesn’t have ONE print newsletter left in existence, by the way. The last issue of the last one was May 2001. I don’t know how K/S is on the net because I don’t participate on the net, but I am sure that there are plenty of lists and lots of websites.

K/S may not be as popular as it was before but that is because there is a lot of competition now. However, I think there will always be a K/S fandom simply because the original show itself is still going strong even 35 years later. I think Kirk and Spock are basically timeless creatures who will be almost as strong in fan fiction in the 21st century as they were in the 20th. Kirk and Spock are part of our culture.

To Sara M.: Don’t feel too bad for me about having to hide my K/S from my husband. I do have good friends that I talk about slash in general with face to face. There is a group of people in the Los Angeles area who have little monthly meetings, and I attend those. And of course I have KSP to talk about K/S anytime I want to do that. And that is one of the great things about KSP, that it keeps K/S people together. It was hard when I was writing slash to keep it hidden. Now that I am retired, there isn’t the problem. And after 13 years, it’s just automatic behavior to keep my slash zines in boxes and the slash art under wraps in the closet. I even attend Escapade, a local slash con, once a year. I just tell my husband I’m off to a Star Trek convention without any of the stars and he doesn’t know any difference. He respects my privacy. Thank goodness.

To Lemli: I’m glad you like William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Night, too. I love the little skits between Shatner and the bartender/big head. I recommended him to a non-Shatnerholic on Halloween (the 11 movie Sci-Fi marathon), and she told me she found the skits as stupid as the movies. So I guess it is possible to find him not funny. But I still loved all the skits and all the comments about Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek that he put in from time to time. Right now (as I type this) I have four of the shows on tape that I have yet to go through. I fast forward through the movies and only watch the skits. I do think it helps to enjoy the skits if you don’t bother sitting through the movies.

The following comments have nothing to do with anything really, except I find them interesting. One thing I have always disliked in K/S is people who write K/S as if both Kirk and Spock are heterosexual, but for the first time in their lives have a homosexual relationship with each other because they love each other. In other words, Kirk and Spock love each other and engage in homosexual sex–but they are not gay, they aren’t even bisexual, they are still heterosexual. Recently, I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about male rape in prisons as being very rampant and very under reported for a variety of reasons. And one of the ideas of the article was that these men were not homosexuals and were not turned into homosexuals because they engaged in homosexual sex in prison.

I thought that was as interesting as an idea I heard from a source I’ve now forgotten about men who are actually heterosexual who engage in anal and/or oral sex with men (or boys unfortunately) and still consider themselves heterosexual. I guess the idea is that sexuality is not what you do but how you think of yourself–how you label yourself. This goes along with the idea of gender confusion. That if a man thinks of himself as a woman, then that is what he is, in his eyes and in the eyes of some people, despite him having a penis. I really have no set in concrete opinions about this. I just think it’s interesting that people can label themselves or see themselves in a different light than what tangible evidence might suggest.

As for what I think about Kirk and Spock…. I think in the series and the movies, they are as straight as can be. In fan fiction, I probably think of them as either bisexual or gay, depending on my mood and whatever the author I am reading says. I have trouble with the K/S stories where both men are really het, but that doesn’t mean that I will hate the story because of it. It will, however, bother me because it conflicts with my ideas.

Live Long and Prosper.


Yucca Valley, CA

Several people, including Linda Bandriv in her review of “Acceptable Losses” in KSP #74, have asked me about Gilrain, not having seen K/S stories by her before. Gilrain is not a new author, she’s simply new to writing K/S. I found her in another fandom.

Also, the identity of Geli has been brought up to me several times, as in: “Who the heck is this person and where has she been??” Again, Geli is far from new to fan art, she’s just new to drawing K/S. I found her over in The Sentinel fandom and bribed her into doing some work for me there. Then I slowly bribed her into other fandoms and, finally, into K/S. She’s mine. I’m keeping her!

Thanks, also, to everyone who sent in reviews to KSP of the stories from “Legends” and “Legends #2″. I appreciate hearing what you think of the zines.



I would be very interested in the views of others about the concept of the Vulcan death bond, which has never made much sense to me. I know it is a very romantic notion (two people so bound by love and cosmic forces etc etc that they cannot go on living without the other) and it is reasonably popular in K/S fandom, but no matter how much I think about it, it just doesn’t seem logical (if you’ll excuse the expression).

It seems to me that if the death bond exists, it must be one of two things; either a biological, presumably genetic, imperative in Vulcankind, or a choice made between two persons with no compulsion other than, possibly, social pressure. In either situation, for me the case doesn’t add up.

To have become a biological/genetic imperative, the death bond must have added some essential survival trait to the Vulcan race, or at least not created any survival difficulties. The need to bond unto death just seems to me to add in clear anti-survival elements, which goes against the general laws of genetics and natural selection as I understand them. In a primitive society facing disease and physical dangers with little medical knowledge, a trait that automatically doubled the adult death rate would have been enormously harmful. Childbirth has always been hazardous for women but on Vulcan must have been equally dreaded by both parties (and would have been a powerful contraceptive!). A good plague or two could well have wiped out most of the adult population, reducing it below viability levels. Wars would have been even more of a disaster then usual; the death bond concept must surely have made a warlike society, such as we understand Vulcan to have been, most unlikely.

The death bond gene, once it started to develop within the population would have been so self destructive that it should have been wiped out within a few generations; I just can’t see why nature would allow it to flourish nor why any society would encourage it. Would you allow your child to bond with someone if it meant she died if he had an accident?

If then the death bond is not a genetic imperative but a socially accepted (expected?) choice between adults, this seems even more peculiar. Again, why should any society think it right to condemn two people to death because one dies? I do accept that some Terran societies in their earlier stages occasionally killed the wife when the husband died, but this was never universal and has generally not continued into more modern times. Would Vulcan, a supposedly logical society, allow it? Again, allowing the death rate to double automatically does not seem at all sensible; thousands of children would have been orphaned (hardly a benefit for any family based society, I would have thought) and society in general would have been unnecessarily and arbitrarily deprived of its workers. Vulcan would have become an overcautious and stagnant society with people avoiding any form of risky work for themselves or their bondmates. I could go on and on.

And then, last but not least, we have Kirk and Spock. I cannot see Kirk wanting a death bond with Spock, or Spock allowing one, whether it is a compulsory or voluntary process. They may well be committed to each other but they are, first and foremost, committed and professional Starfleet officers, operating in a hazardous environment. We know Jim Kirk takes his responsibilities towards the crew of his ship very seriously. Would either he or Spock agree to a bond that would kill both of them if one died? This would leave the ship without its two most senior command officers quite possibly in the middle of a battle or some other crisis. In addition, Kirk’s approach to sending Spock out into danger (or Spock’s apparent need to protect Kirk) would be inevitably and fatally influenced for reasons even more immediately personal than love alone.

Even if they both did feel it appropriate to enter into such a relationship, Starfleet certainly wouldn’t agree and they would be transferred off the ship (if not court martialled) so fast their feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

There is only one situation I can see anybody entering a death bond; when a couple are very old, facing the end of their lives in fact, having been together for a long time. In these circumstances, I can understand them choosing to create a bond that would ensure that one is not left behind to mourn the other. This is also a romantic notion (idea for a story, anyone?) but not one that puts the entire Vulcan race, the Enterprise and Kirk and Spock at serious risk.

I’d love to hear what others think, especially those who embrace the death bond theory!



I very much enjoyed the November issue, and was pleased to see more contributions. I’m glad people responded to the threat of the blue velvet poodles! Seriously, I think Karen had some very perceptive comments in her Roundtable in October’s issue. If publishing the KSP becomes too time consuming and burdensome to Jenna and Shelley, then I am afraid we will lose their wonderful talents and the KSP will die. This was a possibility almost a year ago, remember, before Robin volunteered to help out. Like Karen, I also have occasionally been contacted by Shelley and Jenna when they have been short on contributions for an issue. And I happen to know that sometimes one or both of them write LOCs when an issue is really short, just to try and fill it out a little more. I want them to keep publishing the KSP for a long time to come, so let’s make it as easy as possible for them, and continue to contribute! Okay, okay, enough nagging! That’s my last comment on the subject. (At least for a while…)

Welcome, Sara! I only discovered K/S myself 2 ½ years ago, and the KSP about 2 years ago, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself ever since. I want to warn you though – you said that you wanted to buy every single K/S zine published, but this would be impossible financially, and besides, where would you put all those zines? Well, K/S is addictive! 2 years ago I had no zines and now I have 310 (mostly K/S, but about 25 gen zines) and am on the lookout for more! I puzzled over the zine storage problem, too, and ended up buying a 5 drawer lateral filing cabinet for them. So who knows how many zines you might have in a couple of years? And I see you live in Maryland – you must come to Shore Leave next year. (But beware – I bought 60 zines in a 3 day buying frenzy at last year’s Shore Leave!) Also, I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your LOCs. I thought they were excellent. I wish I could write them like that. I often retell too much of the plot in mine, so appreciate the way you were able to convey the essence of what the story was about, and what you liked about the story without revealing every single plot detail.

Ivy – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy reading them. Your love and enthusiasm for Kirk and Spock is delightful, and infectious! And I always appreciate your beautifully written LOCs.

Kira-nerys: Nice to hear from you again in the November issue. I’m glad to hear your interest in K/S has been rekindled. I always enjoy your stories very much, so hope you stay interested in K/S and continue writing! However, I’m afraid I have nothing to contribute on the interesting questions you raised about this, since I am still fairly new to K/S and my interest hasn’t waned at all, yet. Hey, I still have 200 K/S zines to track down! I thought your comment about most shows being run by straight men who look at the audience as mainly consisting of teenage boys was right on. I recall the creators of Enterprise saying that T’Pol didn’t have pointed eyebrows because they weren’t sexy, and they mentioned their belief that Spock was not sexy as proof of this! Spock not sexy?!?!?! I was flabbergasted by this comment, and remember thinking that they must believe only men watch the show. Talk about being completely clueless about a significant portion of your audience!

Mary – I loved your latest Roundtable! You always have some insightful, provocative, fascinating ideas to discuss. I loved your idea that cutting edge for science fiction in TV or the movies would be to show homosexuality as no big deal, as an accepted part of daily life, without the compulsion to have the whole plot revolve around the homosexuality of the character. Written science fiction has explored many versions of sexuality for a long time, and I’ve read quite a few science fiction or fantasy stories where homosexuality or bisexuality is completely accepted as part of the normal range of human behavior. It’s too bad that science fiction in the movies and TV lags so far behind.

Kate – You raised an interesting point about K/S canon. Like the double ridges. Or, Kirk and Spock sharing a bathroom. I can’t think of anymore right now, though!

I’ll answer your Roundtable challenge, but as a Kirk fan I’ll address the reverse of your list: Why does Spock love Kirk? He loves him because of his spirit of adventure, his courage, his integrity, his idealism, his confidence, his intelligence, his determination, his problem solving abilities, his resourcefulness, his empathy, his compassion, his tolerance, his humor, his charisma, his beauty, his sensuality, his eyes, his mouth, his smile, his muscles, his … Oops, getting carried away. Hard to limit it to just five!

Jenna and Shelley – I keep meaning to mention how much I enjoy the K/S references you change almost every month in Robin’s ad for new zines. I always check the last page and see what the latest addition is. You ladies are so creative! I really liked November’s entry – I want the Kirk and Spock decorative dishes featuring full frontal nudity! (Hmmm, artists out there – an idea for the dealer’s table at the next KiScon?) Some of my favorites over the last year were:

? November 2002 – the aforementioned dishes

? October 2002 – Kirk and Spock LOC Award Statuettes (I will immodestly say that I think I deserve one of these, perhaps in the most long winded LOC category?)

? August 2002 – Kirk and Spock life size, anatomically correct blow up dolls (Hmmm, very intriguing. Definite possibilities here. Like, does it have double ridges? Is it green? How long is it? How thick is it? Inquiring minds want to find out!)

? July 2002 – Kirk and Spock look alike masseurs (YES – I want to make my appointment with guess which one?)

? January 2002 – Kirk and Spock brut champagne to put in the Kirk and Spock fluted champagne glasses (These I want, to go with the plates!)

? December 2001 – Kirk and Spock holiday candles carved with the likenesses of Kirk and Spock (I must have these, too! All I need is a Kirk and Spock embroidered tablecloth to go with the candles, plates and champagne flutes, and my holiday table setting will be complete.)

I will look forward to future installments!


East Coast

If you’ve ever seen anything more adorable and appealing than Bill Shatner struggling up a steep mountain path–photos from back view!–to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, it must’ve been somewhere in the original series. I saw him doing just that the other night in the first episode of Voice of the Planet, a ten hour ecological docudrama Bill made in 1990. It was written by Michael Tobias and was shown on 5 consecutive nights, 2 hours each. I had taped all of it back then and recently watched it again. Bill was so amazing in it, it made me fall in love with him all over again!

The opening scenes of Bill at Jet Propulsion Lab are simply breathtaking for the tight, faded jeans and leather jacket he’s wearing. Whew! This guy really packs it in and is edible all the way! He’s supposed to be 47 in it but was really 59 at the time and he sure could get away with it.

He plays a disillusioned author-ecologist who is drawn to Nepal by a mysterious computer hacker he’s seeking. When he gets there he finds an ancient homemade computer that speaks to him and knows all about him and the book he’s writing.

Narrated by Faye Dunaway, she is really the spirit and essence of Earth, in fact the Voice of Mother Earth, Gaia. She takes him on a long, philosophical journey to show him the origins and beauty—and ugliness too—of life on the planet and how it’s being destroyed. And Bill’s interaction with her personality is really something, very intelligent, entertaining to any fan of his.

There are some long stretches of purely landscape shots between the parts with Bill in his cell at the monastery and at many different natural locations, where he is magically transported. But those shots are totally worth it. He looks so cute, curled up on his bed sleeping—fully clothed, of course, damn it! His pose and handsome face reminded me of some of the K/S art we’ve all been privileged to see. Other ripe scenes are of him relaxing on his cot, writing an entry in his diary; also doing pushups and situps. And of Bill in a blue shirt, kneeling beside an endangered leopard, actually stroking the animal, obviously trying to meld with him and looking so noble it was heart-stopping. Talk about heart-stopping, I can’t omit the scene of him in his black very brief swimsuit, sitting on a boulder beside a river in the sun. Wow! I have to admit he had on a plaid shirt too and the scene was short, but on slo-mo it was more than okay. I know I’m prejudiced but it gave me chills!

The writing is quite passionate, lyrical and sensuous. Just the sort of project that would take Bill’s interest and engage his poetic spirit.

I’ve always believed it should’ve won some kind of award, it was so swell. What a great idea, I thought, and still relevant today with what’s being done to our world.

It takes some staying power but that should be easy if one sees it on tape and can fast-forward through the parts that might drag. It’s a rewarding and powerful experience, even though some of Dunaway’s delivery might be deemed over-dramatic by today’s standards. That’s never been a problem for me. I’ve always loved her voice, which is, as I said, smooth and sensual. I’ve also always loved seeing and hearing Bill emote with all his passion and love on any of the projects dear to his heart.

Anyway, I was very excited and entertained; while I watched I wondered how many of his fans had seen this series. And thought, if only it would be shown nowadays somewhere on TV. Dream on!



In the last KSP, Kate Cooke gave us a Roundtable challenge to write five reasons why Kirk loves Spock. I came up with my list without reading hers, and came up with 5 reasons that are completely different from hers.

Here are mine, not necessarily in order:

1. Spock is intelligent, really brilliant. Kirk is a smart, educated, thoughtful guy and the appeal of someone as brilliant as Spock must be huge. It’s very heady to have someone who’s brilliant think your ideas and opinions are valuable.

2. Spock is loyal. He’s dedicated to Kirk and will hurt himself before allowing Kirk to be harmed.

3. Spock is gentle and kind. He is not emotionally expressive, but is not callous or uncaring in his unemotional reserve.

4. Spock trusts Kirk with parts of himself that he doesn’t share with others. Kirk sees more of his emotions and more of his sense of humor than anyone else.

5. Spock is reliable; he’s always at Kirk’s back, offering advice, assistance, and support whenever it is required, sometimes even before Jim realizes it’s required. He’s always there for Kirk.

I have my own Roundtable request. I’ve been trying to help my mother understand my interest in (or passion for) K/S. I’m in my thirties and my mom’s a nice Southern Lady in her sixties. She understands that I’m a Star Trek fan; I always have been so that’s nothing new to her. She doesn’t really quite understand why I want to read passionate love stories (and seems to think that it indicates a lack in my own love life, which is not correct), but where she really can’t make the leap is in understanding that I want to read passionate gay love stories. As she says, “Why is this better than reading a Harlequin Romance?” And she’s very careful to follow that up with saying that she doesn’t read Harlequin Romances either. (She doesn’t accept my argument that most K/S is better written.) It’s not really anything specific to K/S that is the locus of her objection, just that I’m reading gay love stories. So I guess my question is if anyone here has had any success in explaining their passion for K/S and slash in general to folks who just don’t get it?


New York

I would just like to take a moment to say “thank you” to everyone who answered the call and took the time to make a contribution to last month’s KSP. I myself tend to read my issue of KSP from cover to cover and in regards to the last few issues, it was only taking me about ten minutes to do so. I am happy to say, however, that this was not the case for the November issue. It took me about 45 minutes to go through the entire letterzine and I savored every second doing so. So once again, I wish to express my gratitude to all of you who made it such an enjoyable issue with your LOCs, Roundtables, etc.

I have to admit, however, that I cannot help but be concerned that the response I saw may just be a onetime thing and that subsequent issues will once again be filled with the contributions of those very few subscribers who consistently take the time to send something in. As I said before, without subscriber participation, the KSP simply cannot continue to exist and it is now up to all of us to be sure that what we saw in the November issue is what we should see in EVERY issue. So I urge everyone who reads this to continue to fuel the fire that is K/S by contributing, now and in the future, to the KSP. It is, after all , the least we can do to show our gratitude to our editors extraordinaire, Shelley and Jenna, for bringing us, month after month and year after year, the very best K/S letterzine ever published.


The Great American Midwest

As we hold this edition of KSP in our hands, we are probably all surrounded by shopping lists and unfinished Christmas cards, meal plans and travel plans and schedules. It’s time to pause for just a moment — we hear that a lot this time of year, don’t we — and think about what the season is all about. I’ll leave the religious aspects of it to each of you, as they no doubt differ. What I would like us to remember is just how the love between Kirk and Spock is similar to what the holidays should mean to us. The holidays should be about love. Love is about sharing. Love is about putting the people who mean the most to us first in our lives. Love is about setting aside our own wants and wishes and looking at what is most important to us. In all we see of Kirk and Spock throughout the original series and especially into the movies, their selfless love for each other is evident. It is written on their faces when the other is in danger, or is lost, his fate unknown. At such times it is startlingly clear that nothing is as important to Kirk as his First Officer and friend. Nothing is as important to the stoic Vulcan as his Captain and T’hy’la. If you don’t see it in the 79 episodes, then you cannot deny it when Spock gives his life in STII so that the Enterprise crew and one special human can live to see another day. You cannot hide from it when James T. Kirk risks everything – his ship, his son, his life — on the slim chance that he can reclaim his soulmate from the clutches of death.

All this was brought home to me in the light of Christmas as I read “Contact Christmas 2″ published by Nancy Kippax and Bev Volker back in 1988. It was not a K/S zine, but an anthology of loving stories centered around the Terran custom of Christmas. This being a K/S letterzine, I’m reluctant to review the stories one by one, but would like to relate a few examples of the kind of love we’re talking about. The authors did not mean it as K/S, but surely they would not be offended that as a reader I realized from the very start that the stories portrayed love in its truest form. Nearly every author used a theme of putting the one you love before yourself. In one instance, Kirk risked his life to obtain a rare mineral/gem for Spock. This particular gem was never found except on Christmas Eve on a desert planet called Bethlehem. While searching alone in the dark of night, Kirk is injured when a sudden storm causes the land mass to shift. He is in grave condition. The glowing gem clutched in his hand as his life forces ebb, his only wish is that he had told Spock how much he meant to him, to have had the chance to give him the gem that was to be a token of how much he cared. Sacrifice of self. Spock senses the danger, and through the link, finds Kirk before he succumbs to massive loss of blood. But they cannot contact anyone for rescue. Spock’s only wish is that Kirk not die alone. He initiates the meld that will draw him into death with his friend. Sacrifice. Other before self. I cannot tell you that much without revealing that they are rescued, and that Kirk has clutched the mineral deposit so tightly it has disappeared. However, it was never the token that mattered. It was the love.

There are tender little moments of Christmas joy in this zine. Like seeing them sit up late in the evening stringing popcorn for the ship’s tree. Like looking for the perfect gift for each other, something that will convey all that they feel for each other.

One long story is very entertaining. It has all kinds of elements of excitement and danger, laced with liberal amounts of just plain fun and again, the pure and untouchable love that draws these men together. This is called “And To All A Goodnight” by Maggie Manlove. There are some beautiful passages I’d like to share as we all plunge into the madness of the season. Kirk has not reported for his shift and a shipwide search has been initiated without result. A suspicious Romulan ship is hovering nearby. A rotund elfish figure who keeps asking everyone what they want for Christmas has mysteriously appeared on the Enterprise. Up to now Spock has ignored his persistent and annoying questions to everyone about what they want for Christmas. He is in the command chair trying to formulate a plan of action. Think. Concentrate, he ordered himself. But the only thought that came to mind had nothing to do with his predicament. He knew what he wanted for Christmas! He wanted Jim…alive and well and on the Bridge, in command, where he belonged. More than anything else, Spock wanted to see his smile, feel the touch of his hand on his shoulder, and hear his gentle voice in his ear. Jim — his friendship, his companionship — was all he wanted now or would ever want.

Later, after Kirk is found and has recovered from the effects of being drugged, the command team is in the rec room discussing the events that have besieged them. Spock’s Christmas gift to Jim was a comm bracelet, which interfered some of the ship’s functions and Spock is apologizing. Kirk says, “It wasn’t your fault.”

Spock looked away, distressed. “Perhaps not. But…I wanted so much for it to be…”

“Perfect?” Kirk asked gently. The Vulcan nodded silently, eyes still downcast. “Spock…” Kirk reached out and took his friend’s warm hands in his own, squeezing gently, forcing Spock to meet his eyes. “There’s something I think you should know about that bracelet, before you fix it.” He explains the old adage that it isn’t the gift that’s important. “Do you understand?”

Spock’s warm brown gaze came to rest on their joined hands. “I…believe I do,” he admitted haltingly. “When you were missing this afternoon, Jim, I was…we were…worried about you. There was no way of knowing whether you had been injured — or worse — until you were found. Kringle (the elfish alien) asked me what I wanted for Christmas…as though he knew that your gift meant nothing to me…without you.”

Kirk smiled and saw his smile reflected in his First Officer’s eyes, and for a moment the two of them stepped into that other, shared universe that was uniquely theirs. The Christmas party swirled on around them, unnoticed.

In conclusion, and in my opinion, both this special season and K/S are celebrations of love, making the season a perfect time to revel in all that K/S means to us. May your celebrations all be filled with peace, joy and Love.


New York

In response to Kate Cooke’s Roundtable Challenge, here are my lists of reasons why Kirk loves Spock and vice versa. In compiling these lists, I made a deliberate effort to come up with reasons that are not especially flattering to our favorite characters. This isn’t because I disagree with any of the more positive reasons Kate listed last time, or with a lot of other positive reasons yet to be listed. As we all know, both Kirk and Spock have many noble and attractive qualities. However, I also see Kirk and Spock as complex characters who love one another despite or even because of traits that are either outright flaws or that can function as flaws, depending on the circumstances. Please note that I do not mean to imply that the traits listed below are operating at a conscious level in either character–if they were, then Kirk and Spock would be coolly calculating and manipulative characters, and while each is capable of manipulative behavior, I think that most of the time both characters are motivated by honest and honorable intentions. However, what’s going on subconsciously is another matter. So, with all of that in mind, here goes….

Kirk loves Spock because:

1. Kirk loves a challenge. That is one reason (maybe even a major reason) that he attempts to befriend Spock in the first place: he wants to see if it can be done. More specifically, he wants to see if it can be done by James T. Kirk.

2. Kirk is ambitious. As soon as he has met one challenge, he starts looking for the next one. That is why befriending Spock is not enough for Kirk: he wants more, so he goes for it.

3. Kirk enjoys an element of danger in almost everything he does, and Spock’s physical strength, his alien mental powers, and his formidable intellect are all potentially dangerous. Even though, when in his right mind, Spock would never hurt Kirk, the possibility exists. And of course, there is always pon farr, when Spock will not be in his right mind. This element of danger helps to stave off the boredom that Kirk might feel in a more conventional pairing.

4. Kirk has very definite ideas about how life should be lived. Given the opportunity, he is more than happy to put these ideas into practice on a worldwide basis. (Prime Directive…what Prime Directive?) While we usually think of Kirk as the one person who accepts Spock “as he is,” the fact is that the captain is every bit as interested as McCoy (no, make that way more interested than McCoy) in getting Spock to allow more of his human half to surface. Deep down, Kirk is convinced that Spock will be happier if he is, well, more like Kirk. So, in some sense, Spock is one of Kirk’s projects–a chance to improve the universe, one person at a time. Fortunately, I think most of us would agree that, in Spock’s case, Kirk is right to attempt to “improve” Spock. But…it may be interesting, in this context, to think about what might have happened if Spock had been 100% Vulcan. Granted, under those circumstances the entire dynamic of the Kirk/Spock relationship would have been different. Still, it’s hard to imagine Kirk deciding to respect all of those Vulcan boundaries, even when there is a not a drop of human blood involved. I suspect Kirk would have tried to change Spock, even without the “excuse” of wanting to liberate a submerged human half.

5. Despite his ambition and his love of challenge and adventure, Kirk has his limits. When it comes to his ship, he is extremely possessive and jealous. If Spock were the type who were after Kirk’s command, then Kirk would view him more as a rival than a companion. In that case, it would probably be impossible for Kirk to really relax and enjoy himself in a friendly relationship with Spock. And I think it would be really difficult for Kirk to enjoy being in bed with a “rival” Spock, particularly on those occasions when Spock wished to be “on top.” Fortunately, although Spock is intelligent and exotic and interesting in all sorts of ways, he does not want to command a starship. From Kirk’s point of view, Spock is “safe”–a person who will satisfy many of Kirk’s needs without presenting a threat in the one area of his life in which Kirk would not welcome a genuine challenge.

Spock loves Kirk because:

1. Spock yearns to be more human, but it’s difficult for him to admit that to himself. But when he’s smiling at Kirk or joking with him or playing chess with him, he can tell himself that he’s doing it to keep his captain healthy and happy, and that excuse allows Spock a degree of emotional expression he would not otherwise have permitted. Through Kirk, Spock receives permission to let his guard down and relax a little…and, though Spock may not realize it until it is too late to go back, letting your guard down can lead to real intimacy.

2. Spock secretly shares Kirk’s love of adventure, even of danger. And let’s face it, if you want to find yourself in danger on a regular basis, hanging out with James T. Kirk is a great plan. By being Kirk’s companion, Spock can take risks that he would never take on his own, and while he’s doing it he can tell himself that it’s all to protect his captain and is therefore logical and proper behavior for a logical and proper Vulcan.

3. Kirk is Spock’s superior officer. Spock never, ever forgets that–not completely, no matter what. He even calls Kirk “captain” when it would be smarter not to (in front of Edith Keeler, for example). Clearly, despite the fact that in some ways Kirk is Spock’s inferior, Spock sees Kirk as an authority figure. But Kirk is an authority figure who values Spock’s opinions, even when they collide with his own. At times, he even relies on Spock to act as his conscience. Kirk needs Spock. He respects Spock. He even goes out of his way to try to understand Spock. Contrast all of this with the behavior of the other major authority figure in Spock’s life: Sarek. I do not mean to imply that Spock sees Kirk as a father figure…far from it. However, I think he does see Kirk as a mentor–as a guide he would follow even if duty did not require it. And unlike Sarek, Kirk is an authority figure whom Spock can–and does–please. He regularly meets and even exceeds Kirk’s expectations and in so doing, he fulfills his own previously unmet need for validation and acceptance. It is not so surprising that, having pleased Kirk over and over again in their professional lives, Spock begins to wonder what it might be like to please Kirk in more intimate ways. It must occur to Spock, at some point, that, with Kirk, the potential exists for satisfaction, satisfaction, and still more satisfaction…at last!

4. Kirk is not the only one who likes a challenge. As many of us can happily attest, Christine Chapel is not alone in her lust for the Enterprise’s luscious first officer. Over the years, Spock has probably had lots of opportunities not only for sexual encounters, but also for real love. If he had dropped the slightest hint that he was interested, plenty of humans would have given Spock both their bodies and their hearts. For Spock, that sort of temptation would probably be easy to resist. But wooing, winning, and keeping the heart of the dynamic and fiercely independent (and seemingly heterosexual) Captain Kirk would present an extremely complex problem in, er, logic. So, while all of the little voices that are born of Vulcan training and a lifetime of personal disappointment are whispering “don’t even think about it” in one of Spock’s pointed ears, there’s always this other voice whispering “perhaps it can be done…” in Spock’s other ear.

5. Spock is undeniably, supremely, even pathologically curious. “Why?” and “What would happen if…” are questions that he asks instinctively, every single day. This curiosity is the driving force behind his scientific successes. It is also a force so powerful that it can and does propel him into all sorts of strange and dangerous situations. The average Vulcan scientist, for example, would probably not be tempted to mindmeld with a huge, murderous hunk of smoldering, corrosive rock, but for Spock it’s standard procedure. When the opportunity presents itself, Spock allows himself to fall in love with Kirk partly because he wants to see what will happen. To put it another way, Spock allows himself to love Kirk because he knows that if he backs off and acts like a proper Vulcan, he will never, ever know what might have happened. For Spock, not knowing is worse than trying and failing, so he puts aside his Vulcan training and takes the plunge.


New York

I would like to give a belated, but heartfelt Thank You to everyone who voted for my story, Flesh & Blood, in the First Time 54 contest, and to everyone who voted for my stories in the Philon Awards. Writing K/S has become a passion for me, and it’s wonderful to be able to share that passion with everyone in the fandom, and to know others are enjoying it. Thank you all very much.

To Lemli: Please don’t worry about the review. Yes, we are fellow K/S fanatics, and I can certainly understand about being in a K/S frenzy. Your review last month of Discovered was so nice, thank you for your wonderful words.

I would also like to give a BIG Thank You to Jenna and Shelley, for continuing their publication of the K/S Press, and to Postmistress Robin for making it possible to arrive every month at my door. It’s a wonderful way to keep our fandom alive and everyone in touch. I’m hoping it continues for a long time to come.


London and Chester UK

There are so many things that I felt I wanted to comment on in the last KSP, what follows is a response to at least some of them…

Kira-Nerys: Yes my interest in K/S waxes and wanes. Though other fandoms just don’t appeal to me, I certainly go through different fluctuating phases in my feelings for K/S. There are times when I read zines avidly and buy as many as I can afford and there are times when I have a stack of unread zines awaiting some other moment. In my first flush of fannish excitement when I first discovered K/S I thought about it 24-7, everything I saw, I saw through my ‘K/S tinted specs’ etc. However such a state would be frankly unhealthy not to mention difficult to live with, now I think my feelings about K/S have matured to a deep underlying affection, like in any good relationship. There are times when I get all excited about a new story or a new source photo or a remembered favourite K/S moment, but I can also hardly think of it for whole days. Despite this I think my affection for k/S is enduring and will last for many many years to come – as, I hope, will K/S fandom!

Sara M: Loved your description of wanting to make ‘slashy call-outs’ when watching trek, I to feel the need to do that (even to an empty room!) but never heard such a nice term for it. That’s the best thing about watching trek with your K/S friends – there’s nothing like the buzz when a room full of folks all go ‘Ohhh’ and ‘Arr’ and call ‘rewind!!’ every time Kirk and Spock touch. I hope you have some K/S friends to watch trek with too!

Ivy: I totally agree with what you say – we must share our love of K/S, your words are as ever eloquent and to the point! As for trek moments that make my heart go ‘pitter patter’, the scene at the end of the ‘Galileo 7’ – watch it with the sound off, its even better. I apologise if I have related this story before, but at uni I recently did a course on sexuality in popular culture and did a presentation about our K/S song videos. I was trying to describe how they divorce the visual from the verbal context and thus force a focus on body language. I showed the ‘Galileo 7’ clip first with the sound on and you could see the class thinking ‘hu – how could this be slashy’ then I showed it with the sound off and suddenly the room was full of laughs and ‘oh yes’ and ‘look at them’ etc – anyway suddenly this room full of non-slash fans ‘got’ K/S! Other scenes include the end of ‘Requiem for Methuselah’ and the forget scene, I just love the way Spock places his hand on Kirk’s head, so slowly and carefully, finger by finger, he’s a bit reverent almost but clearly relishing every moment! Lastly the STII death scene – that scene is just perfect to me and beautiful, all the little touches and the one that gets me every time is the moment when Kirk matches Spock’s hand against the glass – Oh so beautiful, so sad!

Mary S. and Lemli: Thank you for your insightful comments about homosexuality on TV – I enjoyed hearing them. Mary you are so right that the ideal way to show this would be not to make a show about it, but have it just incorporated into some other plot. As for trek not being about exploring people’s sexuality – well it certainly explores people’s heterosexuality!

Kate Cooke: Great list! I always have a slightly harder time seeing why Kirk loves Spock. I think I agree with all of them except …number 3 ‘Spock’s power turns Kirk on’, by now anyone who knows me will know that I just don’t happen to see it that way, so I won’t repeat my self here. However in the name of some friendly debate, why don’t you send some reasons why you see DO see it this way? Where do you see the Kirk who likes to lean on someone stronger? Where do you see the powerful Spock? So you see, yes, there is diversity and I am interested to hear about the cues I have overlooked in my singular POV. I think I have to reverse your question to answer it – here are my five reasons why Spock loves Kirk!

1. Kirk ‘fascinates’ Spock, he has a lot of qualities Spock does not possess and hasn’t had much experience with, like his amazing charm.

2. Kirk respects Spock, he doesn’t try to make Spock be something he is not, nor does he make fun of Spock’s differences. He is curious about Spock without being pushy.

3. Kirk has a great arse!

4. Spock looks up to Kirk, in many ways he seems a little to good to be true, there is certainly an element of hero worship here.

5. When Spock is uncertain, Kirk forges ahead, which gives Spock certainty too. However when Spock is certain about his doubts Kirk takes them seriously – he knows when to and when not to.

Finally ‘Fanon’ or fannish Canon – this is really interesting! In an ideal world where there were 62 hours in each day and I didn’t need to sleep, I’d love to read all the K/S stories in chronological order to trace the development of K/S and fanon. I am sure that many ideas and concepts could be traced through the history of K/S, for instance the 80’s trend for the super powerful Spock, which is the only one I can think of without doing more reading. Double ridges are great, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind a bit of diversity here, I mean the possibilities are endless. Also there could be cultural differences about the sex acts, positions, what’s erotic, or not etc that I think could be interestingly explored in K/S. Also I’m interested in how other literature impacts with K/S. I just read Mary Renault’s Alexander trilogy (for my PhD on sexuality and historical fiction) and was curious to find how similar it is to a lot of K/S, this is interesting as it was written at the time when K/S was first emerging, was this a cultural thing that made two contemporary things similar or had a lot of K/S writers read Renault and liked her work? I’d be interested to hear from any writers out there who think they have been influenced by main stream literature – what were they influenced by and why?


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THE CON: We will revel in Kirk and Spock and K/S. A chance to meet with like minded friends old and new. You can join in panel discussions, be tempted to try new skills at workshops and watch old favourites (or find new ones) in the video room. There will be an auction, dealers tables and an orphan zine table. If you want to relax you can retreat to the zine library or the meeting room for a read or a chat. There will also be a con-contest zine so after you’ve registered get writing! We may also have a guest, but that has yet to be decided. More details will be sent with the registration forms and can be found on our web pages at: http://homepages.which.net/~roger.woledge/Index.html

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The first will feature a selection of art work by me (Liz). Some published this year, some new but all different from previous calendars—and I’m already working on next years! I am very pleased with this year’s selection, I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

The second will feature some of the more K/S orientated stills of our boys from the original series again they will all be different from last years stills. There are just so many beautiful pictures of them, after 3 years I have just scratched the surface! Obviously this is the unofficial non-Paramount version!!

Each calendar will have a month to a page, each page featuring a different picture. It will be printed in full colour on thin card and will be comb bound just A4 in size.

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Title: Best Destiny

Artists: Helen and Virginia Sky, Liz, Killa and T. Jonesy

Length: about 75 minutes

Songs: By Liz: Rescue Me, Wild Thing, Broken Wings, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Secret Smile and more. By Helen and Virginia Sky: Hello Again, The Love I Found In You and more.

By Killa and T. Jonesy: Bleed to Love Her, The Man’s Too Strong, When I’m 64, Dante’s Prayer and more.

Bonus: Liner Notes beautifully presented by Killa


Artist: Karen Picciotti

Length: About 90 minutes

Songs: The Call and The Answer, The Story of My Life (both KiScon award winners), many others, plus faithful remakes of four vids that were practically unwatchable on songtape #2.


Artists: Jersey Trek and others

Length: about ninety minutes

Songs: A mix of mostly Gen with a few K/S or relationship-centered songs (I Need You, Like a Prayer), then thirty minutes of mostly K/S and relationship vids including The Rose, What I Did for Love and more.


Artists: Jersey Trek

Length: about ninety minutes

Songs: Primarily Gen Star Trek with a few K/S and relationship songs mixed in. And I Love You So, We’ve Only Just Begun, The Way We Were, and more.


Artists: Elizabeth Scott, Roberta Haga, Cybel Harper, Stacy Doyle and others.

Length: about ninety minutes

Songs: all K/S. Everything I Do, Never Gonna Let You Go, Turn Around, Look at Me, the unforgettable K/S dolls on the bridge, Right Here Waiting and more.

Comment: picture quality varies greatly, a few of the last vids are very old, multi-generational, and hard to watch.


Artist: Chris Soto, along with an edited version of The Dancing Penises from Idicon #2 and #3.

Length: over ninety minutes long.

Songs: Mixed Gen and K/S. I Dreamed a Dream, This Time, I Don’t Know Much and more


For NTSC versions to the US: $8 per tape.

For NTSC versions to Canada: $9 per tape.

For NTSC versions anywhere else: $15 per tape.

Send check or money order for all NTSC versions to:

Carol, P.O. Box 85039, Tucson, AZ 85754-5039

For a PAL version of tapes #5 or #6, each tape is ten pounds, assuming you are ordering for European delivery. If not, contact Liz to figure out postal costs.

Send cheque or money order to:

Liz Woledge, 30 Bushwood, Leytonstone

London E11 3BN, UK

[email protected]


Proceeds from this sale benefit the KSP K/S Library and the KSP, too.

And Another K/S Zine $10 (copy)

Day of Vengeance $7

All zines in good/average condition. Prices do not include postage. Add $2 postage for first zine, $1 for each zine in your order after that. If you pay by Paypal, we’ll figure out what the Paypal transaction charge is and add it to the total. Contact Jenna at [email protected] or write to me at 1913 Dover Drive, Rowlett, TX 75088.


Only a few K/S zines left! Cheap Thrills #2, #3, #4; Mirrors of Mind and Flesh, The Price and The Prize and others. Also have some ST genzines left. Contact me for prices/list of genzines. Dovya Blacque PO Box 688 Yucca Valley CA 92286-0688 or e-mail: [email protected]


GREAT ZINES! K/S AND GEN. GREAT PRICES. Write to Marty at [email protected]

The Leonard Nimoy Club. A U.S. based club for Leonard Nimoy fans everywhere. We are authorized by Leonard Nimoy and have been in existence since 1983. Our bimonthly newsletter, the Yomin, has recently been redesigned and upgraded with news, facts, and interesting tidbits about Leonard Nimoy’s life, projects and events. We also have a news group and an award winning website.

Dues: $18: US; $20: Canada/ Mexico; $25: overseas.

Leonard Nimoy Club

PO Box 17096, St. Paul, MN 55117-0096

Website: www.nimoy.com

Email: [email protected]

The Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club

(based in the UK)

This club has a world-wide membership and is authorised by Leonard.

Our aim is to unite Leonard Nimoy fans in a friendly club. We produce a 50+ page newsletter quarterly plus picture insert. It covers all aspects of Leonard’s word, past, present and future.

Fees are USA $20.

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Just in time for holiday gifts! Shelley Butler art is featured on The Beyond Dreams website! There are prints available and some original artwork for purchase.

Go to: www.beyonddreamspress.com/Butler or suffer the blue velvet poodles.

To say that I’m excited is like saying that Kirk and Spock are nice.


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The site has a new email address as well. Both the new one and my old one are still fine to use.

There is an art gallery with ‘for sale’ art. Please contact me if you are interested. This will be your opportunity to see some art FIRST! In fact I’ve already been contacted about the back cover of FT 56. Now there’s an anxious reader! Enjoy!






He kept checking his hands. Oddly, they were the first things he’d noticed after the transformation. His hands and then the face… That moment of blind, groping panic when he’d stared in the mirror and tried to assimilate what had happened, and a terrified woman had looked back at him; it was still too fresh in his mind and came rushing back, when he let it.

And that wasn’t now, he decided, pulling himself together.

TO LIVE FOREVER by Cerebo Pantano

“…forget.” Spock repositioned his fingers slightly, mind-suggesting, muting the sharpness of the grief-guilt Kirk was experiencing over the death of Reena Kapec. Unexpected, there was four present. Spock steadied his suddenly-trembling hand, straining with increased concentration, following the convoluted twisting of Kirk’s thoughts. Rayna’s. unique beauty, her incredible intelligence and obvious innocence had attracted Kirk instantly–because she possessed his dearest friend’s traits. Spock nearly lost his composure when Kirk’s idealized mind picture of him superimposed over Rayna’s bland smile. Kirk feared a similar fate for him if ever his emotions were engaged….


Oh, Gods. Who would have known?

It was two hours after our Bonding Ceremony on Vulcan. She was there again to conduct the bonding, the Matriarch, and above all, my bond mate’s grandmother. T’Pau. Oh, gees, that would make her my grandmother now, too.


“Captain,” the voice interrupted his daydream.

Kirk jumped at the sound of that voice.

“Mr. Spock,” he croaked.

“Are you well, sir?” The Vulcan showed a trace of concern.

Heat enveloping him from head to toe, Kirk cleared his throat and attempted to speak normally.

“Umm…I…,” he stuttered


If Commander Antonia Jelsma had learned anything in twenty years of teaching at Starfleet Academy, it was to be careful what one said to a Vulcan. Political science and pan-galactic affairs were both required subjects for every cadet, which meant that uncounted numbers of students had passed through her classroom, yet the commander could recall the Vulcans among them quite clearly. Each had not only excelled at finding the weakness in any ill-considered statement, but actually seemed to relish drawing the unwary into debate. Jelsma herself had fallen into such a trap more than once. While the experience always forced her to penetrate to the very essence of ideas and no doubt sharpened her wits in the process, she occasionally grew weary of defending even the most basic and widely-accepted concepts of political thought.


“Is this better, Spock?”

The captain stood framed in the doorway, turning his head from side to side to display his fully restored, rounded human ears. “Or do I still offend your finely tuned aesthetic sensibilities?”

Spock blinked at the light pouring in from the corridor, taking shallow, measured breaths as he rose from his chair. Seven hours to prepare for this encounter, and yet the sight of the captain still affected him like a blow. The chances of Kirk offending Spock’s sensibilities under any circumstances were not worth calculating.

THE TEST OF TIME by Elise Madrid

Kirk turned over, his arm coming to rest on the warm body next to him. He pulled Spock closer and buried his head into the hollow of the Vulcan’s neck. His lover didn’t wake, yet Kirk felt the tightening of Spock’s arm around him. They had been lovers for less than three months, yet already it seemed as if they had always been one.

Covers: M. Muller. Art – Animasola, Butler & Muller

Poetry by: carter, hood, jackson & krumbholtz



“Energize, Mr. Kyle,” Spock said, taking his position beside and slightly forward of the transporter platform. “Bring the captain aboard.”

“Yes, Mr. Spock.”

Kirk began to materialize with a solemn look on his handsome face, but then, presumably when he spotted his first officer waiting for him, a twinkle appeared in his eyes and a slow smile spread across his face. “Mr. Spock.” He started down from the platform, stumbling ever so slightly; fortunately Kyle did not appear to have noticed.


“Damn it!” Kirk said. “I should’ve been down there. Markovich just didn’t have the experience to handle the situation.”

Spock sat watching Kirk pace, his steps quick and his face tense. His grief and anger struck the Vulcan’s mental controls but Spock compensated without conscious thought. It was better than Kirk’s earlier grief-ridden silence after he had spoken with the landing party’s surviving members. Now in the privacy of his quarters, Kirk could finally vent his feelings.

THE SPELL by Cervelle Marais

The turbo doors opened onto the bridge, revealing the Captain and Dr. McCoy returning from shore leave on Starbase 14.

“-did it everywhere but swinging from the chandelier’s Uh.” Realizing they had already arrived, Kirk halted his ribald account of the sex-filled shore leave he had enjoyed in a long time.


Pon farr. What a dirty trick Nature had played on his friend. It had been a rough day and Kirk should have been able to sleep. But the events on Vulcan kept running through his mind, his thoughts bouncing between elation at the outcome…and fear of what still might come. Was it over? Was Spock okay? He couldn’t stop thinking about it, wondering how long he would have his friend at his side. He needed the solace of touch, Spock’s assurance that their lives could go on as they had. Decision made, he got up, threw on his robe and proceeded through their shared bathroom to Spock’s cabin.


He fell forward onto the furred chest in shuddering aftermath, his spent organ slipping free from its encasement. Strong arms held him, rolling them over easily onto their sides, all tangled arms and legs and soft whispers of love….

Gold & Silver by Deanna Gray

The lift doors slid open and James Kirk stepped out. He stood for a moment just outside the turbo, taking in the atmosphere of his bridge, breathing deeply of the recycled air. This was exactly where he wanted to be: on his ship; his bridge. He began his ritual morning survey, eyes first zeroing in on the science station. The Vulcan was already at his post, as he always was. There was something about seeing the slim, dark form first that brought a sense of calm reassurance to the start of a new day that might bring unknown dangers.

Covers by CLM & Marianne Muller

Art by Muller




FIELD OF SCREAMS: THE PROBLEM by Cordelia Naismith & T. Jonesy


GORGEOUS by Kathy Stanis

MIRRORS by Elise Madrid


HERE ON EARTH by Dovya Blacque

LIVING MY DREAMS by Lady Charena


NOME by Katherine Cooke


A SECOND CHANCE by Shelley Butler

FREELY GIVEN by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (2nd place winner!)

HOPES AND WISHES by Heidi Manzone

DEAREST BLOOD by Carolyn Spencer (3rd place winner!)

FLESH & BLOOD by Deanna Gray (1st place winner!)

© March 2002. See below for ordering information.


a new K/S novel

by Anna S. Greener

Join us in the classic world of Trek as Kirk and Spock brush lives with an alien who opens Spock’s eyes to his peoples’ past. Ancient Vulcan, ancient rituals, ancient love blend into and modern lives, commingling to give us the K/S we know and love.

Full of Muller’s art work, from cover to cover, and beautifully written by a real talent.


THE LOVER WITHIN by Brigitte Whelan

“I don’t care what’s in the dust, it’s a useless ball of shit. Beam me up.”

Captain Kirk’s voice barked out from the console. Spock suppressed the surge of irritation…

WORST NIGHTMARE by Carabao Pandion

Spock straightened from the viewer to turn toward the command chair. Imperial Captain Kirk was leaned forward, hands gripping the armrests, steely eyes squinted, attention riveted to the main viewscreen. Spock smoothed his beard and swallowed, reacting to the tension on the bridge.

ONCE AND AGAIN by Deanna Grey

Tension hung heavy across the wide expanse of desk separating the two adversaries. The older man scowled as he snapped off the viewer, his Emperor’s orders ringing in his ears. He threw a contemptuous glare at James Kirk, the youngest, most powerful Admiral in the Empire. His protégé, he reminded himself grimly.

HIGH TIDE by S. R. Benjamin

I remember this planet. We visited it before the Organians forced peace upon the inhabitants. Back then, both Romulans and Vulkanhsu lived in uneasy proximity to each other and eked a living from the spare terrain.

THICKER THAN BLOOD by Brianna Falken

“Just get the job done, Kirk, or by this time next month you’ll be in command of a garbage scow.” The sneering face of High Commissioner Ferris faded from the screen.

Black and ivory chess pieces skittered every which way as the captain of the ISS Enterprise swept his hand viciously across the desktop. “Of all the mother fucking…He’s out to get us, Spock.”

Covers by Marianne Müller; Poetry by Hood; Art by Liz, GOS, Mills, Butler & Müller

Morpheus Rising

A novel by Kathy Tipton

Art by: Chris Soto, Shelley Butler & C. L. Meyer

A K/S novel by Deanna Gray
Art work by: The Southern Cross, Chris Soto, Dino, DEW & Caren Parnes.

Ordering Information:

All zines are available for:

U.S.—$20, Canada—$22, Overseas—$26.

U.S. Currency, please.

Please make all checks and money orders payable to ROBIN HOOD, not Merry Men Press until further notice! Prices same as forever…


1617 N 6TH ST,


CO 81212

(719) 269-8026 E-mail: [email protected]


THE LATEST ZINE from Jenna & Dusky!


Spock is alive after the fal-tor-pan, but he believes “that he had lived a life uninterested in all things sexual.” Until the night Admiral Kirk visits him with an old audio tape and a box full of memories.

HARP SOLO by Animasola

Kirk is lost on the Amerind planet, and Spock struggles to decipher the hieroglyphics that might save him. In the dark of night, Spock remembers the music he and his captain had created together.

FAMILY MATTERS by Elise Madrid

A young Lieutenant Spock meets the Sam Kirk family, complete with newly graduated Jim Kirk, while on medical leave. He is instantly smitten by the family as well as the charming young human. But does Jim Kirk feel the same, and will Spock ever have a family of his own again?


After a two week separation, Kirk meets his lover, Captain Spock, on the observation deck of the Enterprise. The topics? Life, death, and the future.

DISCOVERED by Deanna Gray

Captain Spock volunteers Captain Kirk for the Klingon peace mission, and Kirk resents the action deeply. Long-hidden resentments erupt between the two lovers, creating a rift that might never be healed.

A TREE FOR TWO by I.M. Mueller

Two good friends (maybe more), a picnic (complete with genuine wicker basket), and a book (the best kind—a zine!). What more could Kirk and Spock ask for?


The day has finally come when Admiral Kirk hands over command of the Enterprise to Captain Spock—his longtime second-in-command and bondmate. Can he do it? Does he want to? And what effect will the change have on the relationship the two men treasure?

DAWN by Jenna Hilary Sinclair

As Spock struggles to regain his sense of self in the first minutes after the fal tor pan, a Vulcan healer decides to use the best tool at his disposal in his efforts to help his patient: James Kirk.

SLOW SPRING by Katherine Cooke

A gentler sequel to the novella “Debriefing.” Spock is so appalled at his violent actions on Xon that he wishes to retreat to Gol. But Kirk invokes an ancient Vulcan rite that binds Spock to him and the ship. There, together, they struggle to heal after the horrific events they’ve lived through. They try to come to terms with their guilt, their anger, and their yearning for each other.

197 pages, double columns.

Cover by Iracema Marianne Mueller, interior art by Animasola, T’Sharien, Virginia Sky, Ingela, Liz, Iracema Marianne Mueller, and Helen. Poetry by S. R. Benjamin, kira-nerys, and Helen. Prices below.


TREASURE TROVE by Rosemarie Heaton

SHADOW TOUCH by Deanna Gray

THE EXILE by Elise Madrid

SHALL WE? by Jenna Hilary Sinclair


WORD PLAY by Cordelia Naismith and T. Jonesy


ONE NIGHT by Jenna Sinclair

206 pages, double columns

Cover by Shelley Butler, interior art by Liz, Ingela, and Virginia Sky. Poetry and additional fiction by M.E. Carter, Helen, kira-nerys, Heidi Manzone, and Birte.


Fiction by JS Cavalcante, Katherine Cooke, Vanasati, Rosemarie Heaton, Dana Austin Marsh, kira-nerys, Greywolf the Wanderer, and Islaofhope.

8 K/S Stories, 298 pages, double columns.

Art by Linda Wan, Iracema Marianne Mueller, Liz, Ingela, Chris Soto. Poetry by S.R. Benjamin, Robin Hood, and Helen.


Five Philon awards! Three Stiffie Awards!

Fiction by Michele Arvizu, kira-nerys, M. Stewart et al, Gena Moretti, Islaofhope, Robbi, Rosemarie Heaton, S.R. Benjamin, Bersakhi, and Anna S. Greener.

232 pages. Art by Butler, Mueller, Liz, Zoost and Kir’Anne.

Poetry by Jin, Kir’Anne, Jenna Sinclair, and S.R. Benjamin.


Multi-Philon Award winners in this zine!

Fiction by M.E. Carter, Dana Austin Marsh, Gena Moretti, C. Liane de Maler, Phaedra Morgan, Greywolf the Wanderer, Kaki, Deanna Gray, Dr. T’Rhys, Rosemarie Heaton, Kathy Stanis and Jenna Sinclair

232 pages. Cover by Shelley Butler, Interior art by Deeb Liz, clm, Linda Wan, Kathy Stanis and Alison Fiddler

Poetry and Filks by R. Hood, Nefertari and M.E. Carter

THE KiScon ZINE: 2001

Fiction by: Deanna Gray, T’Len, Greywolf the Wanderer, kira-nerys, Islaofhope, Katherine Cooke, JS Cavalcante, Michael Easton, A.T. Bush, Miss Sunbeam, Menolly, Mildred Manhill, Carolyn Spencer. Cinderspock by Jenna Hilary Sinclair.

Poetry by: Helen, Karla Kelly, S.R. Benjamin, Jacque Renee, Virginia Sky, Jo’An, Robin Hood, Omega, A.T. Bush, K. Stanis.

Cover art by Iracema Marianne Mueller, reprinted from Beyond Dreams 2. 96 pages, no interior art.


Fiction by Bersakhi, M.E. Carter, Deanne Gray, Anna S. Greener, Rosemarie Heaton, Mildred Manhill, Gena Moretti, K.S. Gossip, Carolyn Spencer, Kathy Stanis and Jatona Walker. Plus a K/S play by Lezlie Shell.

Poetry by S.R. Benjamin, Kathy Stanis, Robin Hood, Jo’an, Mary Ellen Fisher and Jacquee Renee.

86 pages. No art.


Selections from the Kirk/Spock Online Festival

Fiction by JS Cavalcante, Rae Trail, Hafital, Menolly, kira-nerys, Islaofhope, Francesca, Liz Ellington, Dread Nought, Jenna Hilary Sinclair.

All the stories in Festival have been previously posted online as part of the Kirk/Spock Online Festival. 217 pages.

Cover by Deeb, Interior Art by Deeb & Liz, Poetry by kira-nerys


A novel by Greywolf the Wanderer in three parts


203 pages, Cover by Iracema Marianne Mueller. Interior art by Iracema Marianne Mueller and Greywolf the Wanderer.


Fiction by Elizabeth Scott, Tish, C. Liane de Maler, Robin Hood, Audrey Baker, Fiona James, Vivian Gates. 206 pages

Color cover by Alison Fiddler. Art by clm, Mills and Claudia.

Ordering Information

Age statement required for all zines.

Send check or money order made payable to


P.O. Box 494996

Garland, TX 75049-4996

Email for information: [email protected]

You can also order by using your credit card through Paypal.com if you are a registered member of Paypal. (Jenna recommends it!)

Use [email protected] for payment.


U. S.

4th Class

U.S. Priority



Beyond Dreams 1

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Beyond Dreams 3

Beyond Dreams 4

Beyond Dreams 5


Songs of the Dirhja


The KiScon Zine

The KiScon Zine: 2001

Visit our new website at www.beyonddreamspress.com for excerpts from every story in every one of our zines!





TWICE UPON A TIME by Elise Madrid

What if Gary Mitchell had been stopped but not killed? What if he’d remained aboard ENTERPRISE? How different would life have been for our favorite crew?


Spock’s memory is still sketchy after the Fal Tor Pan when Kirk, not exactly himself lately, returns to Iowa for personal reasons. McCoy, making a surprise visit, decides just the medicine Kirk requires – even though Kirk and his Vulcan friend have had little to say to one another recently.


Spock’s relationship with Adam during “The Way To Eden” effects Spock’s view of Dr. Sevren’s quest… and surprises – and wakes – Kirk.

A SHATTERED MIND by kira-nerys

Kirk and Spock’s shuttle crashes on an uninhabited planet and Spock becomes seriously ill. The Vulcan’s reaction to a native creature—and to the loss of that creature—tells Kirk what’s truly wrong with his first officer.

I WILL FOLLOW by Faris Vincent

The five year mission is nearing an end and Kirk makes an announcement that shocks Spock… to the point of confession.

IN THE NIGHT by Dovya Blacque (Sequel to “Two Ships Passing” – reprinted here)

Ten months after leaving Earth, Kirk is not a happy man. Two friends, seeing how miserable he is, take steps to give him reprieve and, perhaps, more.


TWO SHIPS PASSING by Dovya Blacque (Reprinted from “As I Do Thee #20” – 1993)

Having returned, victorious, from their encounter with V’ger, the crew of the ENTERPRISE is reassigned, a fact that does not sit well with any of them, least of all Kirk and Spock – who have just realized the need to admit a few difficult truths to each other. This is the prequel to “In The Night” (see above).

POETRY by Khylara, Arlan Symons, Faris Vincent

ART by Liz and Shelley Butler

Approximately 175 pages.

$23.00 US; $25.00 Can; $29.00 Eur; $33.00 Pac


THE REWARD by Debi – Art by Maureen Burns (A Sequel to THE PRIZE by Ray Newton)

The human was hit in the chest and fell from his mount. One of the warriors dismounted hurriedly to get to his fallen companion. “He’ll bleed to death in a few minutes.” The doctor dropped to the ground beside them. “I think I can prevent that if you let me.” The wounded man groaned. “Spock?” “I am here, Jim. This man says he is a healer and can help you, and by all the gods, he’d better.”

FROM THE FIELDS by Dovya Blacque – Art by Merle Decker

James Kirk ran a weary hand through his damp hair. He didn’t care that the entire hellish chain of events were about to replay in his mind… that it wouldn’t change a single thing, that he’d still be trapped here on Earth and Spock would still be in self-induced isolation on Vulcan… nothing else was real…

THE LAND OF TEARS by Debbie Parsons

“You must realize, Commander Spock, that no one but the eight of us who were there can truly comprehend what it was like… or what we are feeling now. Everyday we lived only for the hope of tomorrow. Such shame. Such humiliation. How quickly civilized men can revert to barbarians. How easily we lose our pride.” “He lost his pride?” “Oh, he held on to it longer than the rest of us. He tried to hang on to ours, too, but some things even Jim Kirk could not do.”

THE RUMOR by Natasha Solten – Art by Paula Mathai

Nogura cocked his head to one side. “You two are rather unusual men. The specific question here is the consequences of splitting you two up. Though none of this is from official sources, the rumors have been flying around Starfleet since before the end of your five-year mission. It is known, or I should say, assumed unofficially, that the two of you have a relationship – as lovers – and more.” Blood rushed to Kirk’s face. Spock’s eyes darted to meet his. They stared in shocked horror at each other.

ADDITIONAL FICTION AND POETRY by Faris Vincent, Tere Ann Roderick, Jo Scott-Ross, Toni Cardinal-Price, Wendy Rathbone, Robin Hood, Patt, Cynthia Drake, B.L. Barr, Alled Navesih, Cheryl Resnick and Alayne Gelfand

ART by Caren Parnes, Gayle Feyrer, Maureen Burns, Paula Mathai, Merle Decker, Virginia Lee Smith, Caro Hedge, Alayne and Pendragon

160 pages

$23.00 US $25.00 Canada; $29.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific



They moved toward the pavilion but turned off in the direction of the house when they were less than halfway there. But it was close enough for Kirk to see the beach goers. Close enough to see that they were naked. Suddenly uncomfortable, but not wanting to make a scene, he bit his tongue and turned his attention toward the row of buildings they were approaching. Spock not only saw the change in his companion’s expression, he felt the sudden withdrawal. “Whey didn’t you tell me this was a nude beach?” Kirk demanded…

UNHOLY FANTASY by Tiberius Tomcat

The uniform that is the sign and symbol of command soon replaces the old. I take medals from the crumpled river of blue material on the floor and affix them to the glowing gold material that now adorns your chest. I look longingly at them. I surely would never receive any such honor as a slave. I must now be content with the recognition given to you. So long as you permit me to serve, I will rejoice in your achievements as if they were my own…


“Spock, I could swear I heard voices — see I did hear them.” Kirk trusted Spock’s fidelity completely, as he did McCoy’s heterosexual preference. But the sign of another man, not only in bed with, but snuggled into one of his favorite positions with his Vulcan, shot feelings of jealousy through Kirk’s body with a velocity he wouldn’t have believed possible…

EYE TO EYE by Karla Kelly

Sitting in the command chair, Kirk’s mind swirled. Various scenarios for seduction were discarded as implausible. Why does Spock want to watch me make love to someone? The question chased itself around and around his confused mind. And how do I find out? Without destroying what we already have, how do I find out?

MIRRORED PASSION by Shelley Butler

And now into his universe came this human, daring to tear apart his kingdom, to devastate the perfect order of his world. And yet the thought of succumbing to this man was almost irresistible. So as he carefully removed his hand from the paradise of Kirk’s mind, the feelings that he had held dominion over for so long came pouring froth in a torrent and he was helpless for the first time in his life.

THE MARRIAGE by Gena Moretti & Anna Parrish

The sound of drums, and of low, almost inaudible chanting, filled the room. The Vulcan caught a slight movement out the corner of his eye and pivoted rapidly. It was M’Benga — an almost totally nude M’Benga. He wore feathers over his genitals and that was all. His dark face was painted white and there were red and blue stripes on his cheekbones. He carried a deformed rattle of snake skin and bits of bone. The Vulcan shuddered but he began to disrobe. In the dimness, the darkening of his flesh did not show. When he was unclothed, he held his pants in front of his genitals. M’Benga jerked them out of his hand and threw them in the corner as the ritual began. Now the love potion could be made.

153 pages

$23.00 US; $25.00 Canada; $29.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific


THE MARKETPLACE by Kathleen Resch

Kirk reached toward the fastenings of his own clothes when suddenly, sensing something — sound, movement, he didn’t know — he whirled. And stared in disbelief at a solid stone wall where a doorway had been only a moment before. Fury and fear blazed inside. “What the hell is going on here?” he demanded, taking a step toward the Vulcan. “Answer me!” he hissed, and then, seconds later, launched himself at the unresisting form.


Spock swung out and hit someone in the chest. He heard a curse as the man staggered back. “Jim!” he called. “Here, Spock.” Kirk’s voice came from the end of the corridor. “Here. You’re all right. Come to me.” The walls started to tumble and the floor undulated. Spock saw a faint glow, then Kirk’s figure materialized. Kirk wore only black Starfleet uniform pants and he held his bare arms out to Spock. “Spock,” he called. “I’m here.” Now the walls were melting but Kirk stood unwavering, reaching with both arms. Spock jogged toward him. “Jim… help…”

A RARE AND BEAUTIFUL LIGHT by Natasha Solten (sequel to Shadows of Paradise, ONE NIGHT STAND #3)

“Spock,” Kirk said, as they sipped some after-dinner wine. “Can I ask you a personal question?” Spock closed his eyes in assent. “Of course.” “I just wondered if you… if you said good-bye to Leila today.” Spock took a deep breath, held it, then let it out slowly. “She will not see me.”

THE DAWN OF A NEW BEGINNING by Louise Pacheco (post-TSFS story)

When my tongue touched his the memory went cold, as did the kiss, and I abruptly pulled away. And the look of hope I had seen in Jim’s eyes seconds earlier now turned to excruciating pain. “No! You remembered! Tell me you remembered!” he cried, clutching my shoulders so hard it hurt. After a moment’s silence I spoke in a hushed whisper, knowing the truth would hurt him deeply. “Yes, I remembered something. But it is gone now, and I do not understand its significance.”

ONE MORE NIGHT by Mary Woodruff

Spock strode to the bed and effortlessly slipped between the covers. His leg brushed against Kirk’s bare thigh and he started at the contact. Kirk grinned. “Sorry, Spock. Guess I’m used to sleeping this way. In the altogether. Just a minute and I’ll…” Spock touched him lightly on the arm. “That will not be necessary, Captain. It does not bother me.”


The dungeon, despite the glowing forge, was too cool, with a cold draft gusting erratically, causing the torches and fire to flicker, throwing huge, scary shadows onto the walls. Despite the great fatigue in his arms, Kirk attempted to relieve the pressure on his wrists, fearing the loss of circulation in his hands would eventually result in irreparable damage. The chains clanked softly with his feeble movement. “Ah… so you have awakened at last.”


Spock replayed the short message several times in the solitude of his childhood room. The shadows jeered at him, taunting him with faces from the past. Faces full of hatred, disgust, disdain. He kneeled in the dark and began his meditation, trying to ignore the tears on his cheeks.


Spock was no longer sleeping. He had awakened from his nightmare at the feel of McCoy’s hand. Lying quietly, eyes closed, he allowed himself to enjoy that gentle touch. “Doctor McCoy,” he whispered softly. “I thought you were asleep, Spock.” “Doctor,” Spock continued, “do you remember when you lectured me about not knowing the agonies and ecstasies of love? I understand now.” “I never meant for you to learn like this,” McCoy replied sadly.

MORE FICTION and POETRY by: Abbot, Vanderlaan, Mailander, Roderick, Yambe, Woodruff, Blacque, Solten, Hood, Resch, Fine, Black and more

152 pages

$23.00 US; $25.00 Canada; $29.00 Europe; $33.00 Pacific

MKASHEF Enterprises’ Web Site Update!!!!

www.asidozines.com has been completely revamped and updated. You will now find detailed flyers for ALL zines offered by Mkashef Enterprises (including Wendy Rathbone, Taerie Bryant and Pon Farr Press zines) as well as new methods of payment (PayPal) and a new order sheet.. Come see what’s new!

A full printed catalog of all MKASHEF zines (including Pon Farr press and Wendy Rathbone zines) is available from the address below for $5.00.

MKASHEF accepts payment by credit card. SASE for a credit card form if you can’t access the web site or if you wish to keep a completed form on file with me.

Make checks or money orders payable to:


Yucca Valley, CA 92286-0688

[email protected]

http://www.asidozines.com US; $25.00 CAN; $29.00 EUR;

$33.00 PAC

BR, Lady Charena and Marion (GERMAN K/S-zines!)

Nevasa – Liebe inmitten der Sterne 1 and 2 (each 170 pages, stories, poetry, drawings)

Shaik – Ein etwas SEHR anderes K/S-Zine 1, 2 and 3 (each 150 pages, stories, drawings, filks, Tuppertrek, humor, extras like sticker, tattoos, games)

Nostalgie – Ein Fanzine zur „guten alten“ Zeit 1 (170 pages, stories, poetry, drawings, Multimedia, but with K/S of course)

Prices per issue:

Nevasa and Nostalgie: 10,00 Euro in a open envelope within Germany

11,00 Euro in a closed envelope within Germany

Shaik: 8,00 Euro in a open envelope within Germany

9,00 Euro in a closed envelope within Germany

We will gladly deliver the zine to any place of the world. Because of the very different shipping possibilities German mail is offering: Please contact us and we try to figure out the cheapest way to get the zine to you.

You can send cash or cheque on your own risk to Marion or contact her for her bank-account.

Orders to:

Marion Huylmans

Lange Str 27a

49176 Hilter a.T.W.


[email protected]

If you want to have a flyer for more information, please contact Marion (including a SASE if using snail-mail) or look at our website at: http://tostwins.slashcity.net


Back in print for the first time in a quarter century: the Gerry Downes classic…

The Compleat Alternative is an authorized reprint of the Alternative saga, written by Gerry Downes in the 70s. Her daughter in law, JJ Downes (known as Jane in many fandoms), has brought the k/s classic back to vibrant life.

The three parts are: the short story Orion, the “presentation” Epilog to Orion, and the novel Alternative.

In Orion, Jim Kirk has been abducted by an alien of incalculable power. Separated from the ship, duped, tormented, even tortured by the alien, he is physically and mentally injured. Only a mind meld with his Vulcan soul-mate will bring him back, and out of this connection comes an almost unbreakable bonding.

That bond is explored in the two-fold Epilog to Orion.

The first Epilog is a “presentation” in prose, art and verse, and traces the rocky path navigated by Jim and Spock, both of whom are feeling the social pressures of their disparate ethnic heritages, until they choose to try to undo what was done at the outset to salvage Kirk’s life.

Those developments form the body of a massive novel which has been compressed into a relatively small space through the use of reduced type…Alternative.

A year has passed since the events of the first Epilog, and Jim Kirk still feels the emptiness where the closeness and warmth of bonding once dwelt. He has begun to try to rekindle that warmth, but for reasons of his own Spock is unwilling and it takes a helping hand from Mother Nature…an accident…before Spock’s hand is forced.

Unwilling or not, once again Spock enters into a life-saving meld with Jim, and it’s a life-changing meld.

The warmth is back, full-force. The closeness, the joy of love. But their troubles have just begun. On a personal level and a professional one, their relationship will be tested in an odyssey taking them to Vulcan. But the real battles are fought out in the human heart—and the Vulcan.

The Compleat Alternative is in two volumes. We’ve lifted Nebula of Orion out of the original Stardate Unknown and bound it with Epilog to Orion to make an 80pp preamble to the much larger zine. Alternative itself is around 160pp of reduced text and plate artwork (loaded with 11×17″ foldouts and some of the most glorious artwork ever done for this fandom, by Pat Stall). We’re coil binding these re-creations, which are of necessity printed on the European A4 size paper, but otherwise we’re staying as faithful as possible to the originals.

The Compleat Alternative is therefore around 240pp. MasterCard and Visa are welcome at the secure on-line facility: http://www.leisuresoft.net/stardate/home.htm

PayPal is also most welcome—please use [email protected] as the address to which to forward funds. Visit the website to download the fax-ready fax/snail order form in Adobe Acrobat format, and either fax us at +618 8358 2839, or snail us at PO Box 270, Brighton, South Australia 5048.

The Compleat Alternative ships to the US/Can by Insured Airmail Second Class for: US$29 if ordering by PayPal or Credit Card, and US$34 if ordering by check or cash. UK/Eur readers, add US$2 to those quotes. Email for a first-class airmail quote. Checks payable to “JJ Adamson” only, and don’t hesitate to email with any query!


T’HY’LA 22

A new zine! Two stories—one by Greywolf, one by Islaofhope.

Both have appeared on the net, but Isla’s story has been substantially rewritten.

T’HY’LA 21

LOST SAILOR by Greywolf the Wanderer

RIPPLE by Greywolf the Wanderer


“ComeupPANce” by Emily Adams


HOME by Karin Porter

VOYAGES by Patricia Roe




Poetry by Ariel, Robin Hood, and Virginia Sky

Color cover and frontispiece.

Art Portfolio by Sweet Dreams Studios and U. Wish Studios

“Lost Sailor,” “Ripple,” “Lord of the Dance,” “The Hug Sonnets,” and “The Valley of Love and Delight” have appeared on the Internet. A special note: “ComeupPANce” is Emily Adam’s last “Pan” story.

T’HY’LA 20

FULL CIRCLE by Killashandra


DARK STAR by Greywolf the Wanderer

DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL by Chris Jones



I CALL YOU CAPTAIN by Rosemarie Heaton

WHAT HE’D DO FOR LOVE by Dana Austin March.

Poetry by Heidi Manzone and Greywolf.

Cover by Shelley Butler.


IS NOW AVAILABLE from Kathleen Resch!

$21 (media mail) and $24 (priority mail). $1 Extra for padded envelope.


Edited by Noel Silva

Agented by Kathleen Resch,

PO Box 1766 – Temple City, CA 91780

[email protected]

CALIFORNIA K/S: Novellas by Alayne Gelfand and Kathy Resch, stories and poetry by Meg Fine, Ruth Kwitko Lym, Tere Ann Roderick, Noel Silva, TACS, Jan Sullivan, Robin Hood, Laura, Wendy Rathbone, Georgia Barnes, Sandra Gent, Virginia Green, Art by Caren Parnes, Gayle Feyrer, TACS, Artemis, Sharon Garinger, Marilyn Cole, Georgia Barnes. 254 pages.

STILL MORE CALIFORNIA K/S: Stories and poetry by Indra, Tere Ann Roderick, Robin Hood, Alta, Vivian Gates, Donna Vanderlaan, M.E.B., Gloria Jean Oberste, Chris Waken, Nima, Dovya Blacque. Art by Marilyn Cole, Gayle Feyrer, Maureen Burns, Alexis Fegan Black, Wendy Rathbone and Shellie Whild.

CALIFORNIA K/S 4-PLAY: Novellas by M.E.B. and Indra; tories and poetry by Flora Poste, Angel C. Soie, Robin Hood, Sharon Pearson, Judi, V.B., D.A. Martin, Alta, Faille, Liz Ellington, Venisa I. Duvetyn, and Nima. Art by Gayle Feyrer, Chris Soto, Marilyn Cole and Maureen Burns. 226 pages.


US 1stClass Canada
US 4th Class media

Before the Glory

Calif. K/S

Calif. K/S 4-Play

Day of Vengeance

The Mystic Bond

The Price Freedom

Promises to Keep

Setting Course: The Jenna Sinclair Collect.

Still More Calif. K/S

T’hy’la 1-5, 7-12, 14, 15, 17, 20

T’hy’la 6, 13, 19

T’hy’la 18

T’hy’la 16, 21

T’hy’la 22

Worlds Apart

* A NOTE ON ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: All prices marked above are for Global Priority Mail Variable Rate. If you wish to use Global Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes, please add $8.00 to the US 4th class rate. Please note that the Flat Rate envelopes are not large enough for me to add any protective materials, so the zines may arrive bent or otherwise damaged. I recommend Global Priority Mail Variable Rate, which allows me to include protective materials in with the zine. If you are ordering multiple zines from anywhere but North America and you want variable rate global priority mail e-mail me and I’ll check the exact postage for that class of mail. It will probably save you postage money, depending on the weight of the particular zines.

All Zines Contain Explicit Same-Sex Material. AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED when ordering any fanzine.

Send checks/money orders to: Kathleen Resch, PO Box 1766, Temple City, CA, 91780. SASE/e-mail for detailed flyers on any specific zine to

[email protected]



MOVING ON by Anne Elliot

“I don’t want anything fresh. I just want you, aware, and concentrating. Not bored, mind wandering.”

Is Kirk growing bored – with his professional and his private life?

A VOICE IN RAMA by Eva Stuart

“Silence is not an option here.” Kirk had an uncanny habit of catching up stray thoughts. “You just shoved me away as though I were a – a rapist. Why?”

An encounter with a new and very strange race brings stress and confrontation.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND by Kate Daniels

“Jim, what is that animal draped over your lap? You appear to be wearing it as part of your uniform. It is a very unattractive animal.” Spock added almost guiltily.

Jim tries a cure for a very human disease but Spock has other ideas.

SHADOWS by Rosemarie Heaton

“Why was it only you who saw the intruders and heard the shots?”

“You mean you’re absolutely sure you saw nothing at all?”

Past and present cast long shadows.

THE CHILD WITHIN by Katherine Cooke

“Those who step into the Agor emerge terribly changed.”

“Changed in what way?”

“They despair.”

Kirk pays a terribly high price for breaking the Prime Directive.


“I will not tolerate this cavalier attitude. You will cease this reckless behaviour!” …

…You’re in no position to dictate to me on any level, mister. Nobody tells me what I may or may not do”…

What can break the stalemate between Captain and First Officer?


by Liz Woledge

“His heart shall never be whole,” he cried in his rasping voice.” …He will be followed by shadows all his life, for the other half of his heart has been hidden where the boy will never find it.”

Can this Spock of a Vulcan long ago break the curse laid on him at birth?

AND MUCH MORE! More cute cartoons by A.H. 108 pp reduced.

Price U.S. $24.00; U.K. £9.00; Europe £9.50

Canada, Australia, Japan and elsewhere £10.00.


The Cook, the Captain, his Lover and the Gourmet by Eva Stuart

Manna by Jenna Sinclair

Setting Sun, Rising Star by Patricia Roe

Adrift by Katherine Cooke

What is Truth? by Jane Carnall

A Political Marriage by Katherine Cooke

Last Movement by Eva Stuart

186 pages of reduced print, with cute cartoons by A.H.



Stories and novellas by Roe, Daniels, Carnall and Atropos, and Stuart. Rich variety, long and short, humour and drama. 129 pp close print.

THE EXTREMISTS A novel by Eva Stuart

Price for Heroes in the Wilderness, In the Wilderness 3, and The Extremists: $24 each. Price in pounds sterling is 10.50. Never ordered from abroad before? No problem. I can take your personal cheques. Order as usual. Make cheques payable to K.E.R. Wild (NOT to Village Press) and send your order to: Rosemary Wild, “Cwm Croesor”, Stuckton, Fordingbridge, Hants SP6 2HG, ENGLAND. Zines will be posted air mail and quickly. Age statement from new readers, please. Japanese, Australian, Canadian and other non-Europeans can use International Money Orders.



A new combination K/S zine from Merry Men Press. Alternate Universe stories and Mirror related stories. Incredible art that I’ve been holding for MANY years waiting for enough stories of either genre to print. So we’re doing it this way: some of each. All first time, happy endings (of course) all true to Kirk and Spock (absolutely) and by authors you love (who doesn’t love a K/S writer?)

Just because I’m doing this, does not mean that Scattered Stars or Within The Mirror are kaput. In fact there will be a Scattered Stars novel out within my life time. So keep those zines in mind as well.

SK #1 is already full and I’ll print it whenever I scrounge enough money to do so. Please do NOT send money for it yet (you know how I hate to keep track)

Remember if it weren’t for you, the readers, the authors AND the artists, I would no longer be in business. So keep ‘em cumming! Contact Robin Hood at 1617 N. 6th St., Canon City, CO 81212 719-269-8026. E-Mail: [email protected]


If you want to see your story published faster than a gaggle of zine-starved K/Sers running to the zine table at Shore Leave, then send it to Robin! Where your stories, artwork, poetry and your Kirk and Spock glass holiday ornaments, handblown to commemorate body parts in exact anatomic detail (if you hang them both on the same side of the tree, it will bend to that side) will be presented beautifully. For more information contact Robin Hood who is famous for all things K/S.


1617 N 6th St,


New phone:(719) 269 – 8026

E-mail: [email protected]

Side by Side, the Online E-zine for Kirk/Spock fiction


Have you ever been published online? Would you like to be, but have been to busy, or not knowledgeable enough to create your own website? Well, this is the place to do it. Side By Side is now accepting old print zine stories, from zines that have either gone out of print, or where the exclusivity period is up.

Do you have an old story collecting dust instead of being read by other K/S-ers, this is the place to send it. Submit your stories to [email protected] Subject header: SBS submission.

Make sure that the publisher who has previously printed your story is okay with you publishing it online. By submitting it to Side By Side you certify that it is okay for us to print the story.

There is something a wee bit different about printing/publishing a story online and that is what’s called the ‘headers’. When you submit a story you must include the following information with your story:


WARNINGS (if there are any, such as major character death, rape, non consensual sex, violence, BDSM or something to that effect)

FEEDBACK ADDRESS: if you have an email address where you would like people to send LoC’s
DISCLAIMER: Star Trek belongs to Paramount. No infringement intended and no money is being made from this.

AUTHOR’S NOTE/THANKS: If you want to include some history, where the story was first published or anything else interesting about your work. Or if you want to thank someone special for helping you with the story.

As of now, I only accept electronic submissions. Stories are to be exclusive to Side by Side online for a period of TWO months. After that you can publish your stories anywhere else online that you see fit. All stories are also posted on the special Side By Side Emailinglist located here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SBS-ezine/

Side by Side is published quarterly for the time being, and the next issue is planned for January 15. Deadline for submissions is January 10, 2003.

If you want to know more or if you find some of this confusing, you can contact kira-nerys at [email protected]


There’s still room for that special work of fiction or poetry—or that work of art over which you’ve lovingly labored in BD6. Please, think about sending that child of your imagination to Jenna and Dusky. We will take such loving care of your creation!

We’re looking for work that is K/S, and that has not been published or posted before. Other than that, the door is wide open, for we’ll welcome any perspective. Editors are diligent and enthusiastic, and we’d love to work with you! First time authors/artists very welcome; we’ve been there ourselves, and we are gentle. Online authors, we’d love to put your story in print. We always have a zine open that we’re working on, so the deadline is always open.

Send us your babies via e-mail to Jenna at [email protected]

or (hard copy with a disk if possible) to:

Jenna Sinclair, 1913 Dover Dr., Rowlett, TX 75088


Deadline: December 15, 2002

Almost full! Say, why don’t we do this one more time?? Want to be part of an exciting, new K/S zine? Here’s your chance. I know nearly all of you have a story hiding somewhere at the back of your desk drawer, in your computer files, under your bed… that you’ve only shown your closest friends. Here’s your chance to submit it to a kind, understanding, gentle, easy-to-work-with editor (did I mention kind?). Now open to submissions (via e-mail is fine or you can send hard copies/disks) of fiction, poetry and art. New writers/artists very, very welcome. Established writers desired with open arms. Those of you who’ve written for me in the past, write for me again. I’m also looking for truly out of print fiction to reprint – meaning fiction that appeared in a zine that is no longer available from any editor. Want to see your story that’s no longer seeing the light of day once again in publication? Here’s your chance. General guidelines are: no violence between K and S, no rape stories unless really, really well justified, and no death stories. Anything else goes! If you have any questions, please contact Dovya Blacque via e-mail or letter.

MKASHEF Enterprises PO Box 688 Yucca Valley CA 92286-0688

[email protected] , www.asidozines.com


Nevasa – Liebe inmitten der Sterne 3, Shaik – Ein etwas SEHR anderes K/S-Zine 4, Nostalgie – Ein Fanzine zur „guten alten“ Zeit and beyond are taking submissions. We are also planing a few special issues with a special topic like slave, h/c. Contact us for more or check the website at http://tostwins.slashcity.net

We will accept: fiction, poetry and arts. Of course it had to be written in German. We would prefer new and exclusive material, but we will also consider German translations from previously in zines or the Internet published English fiction and poetry, because there are still people here, who don’t understand enough English to read English K/S or who have no access to it. But please, if it was published in a zine make sure that your editor hasn’t a problem with the translation.

Please send your contributions to:

Berit Richter

Levinéstraße 21

99334 Ichtershausen


[email protected]


“Totally Lost in the Wilderness” (working title and I hope I can find a better one) This zine is Full! I now have to edit the whole thing and finish my own story. Hopefully I should be able to get on in the quiet winter days. Stories by Ann Elliot (lots!) Kate Daniels, Rosemarie Heaton, Patricia Roe et al. Highly original stories, happy, romantic, exotic, funny and downright sad (no death!). Out as soon as I can.

Rosemary Wild

“Cwm Croesor”,

Stuckton, Fordingbridge,

Hants SP6 2HG,



T’hy’la 23 and future issues are open for submission. Please contact

Kathleen Resch

P.O. Box 1766

Temple City, CA 91780

(Some of the most beautiful zines in K/S come from this lady. Give her your stories, your poetry, your art, and your Kirk and Spock embroidered Holiday tablecloths.)

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